2018 Suzuka 4 hour endurance road race result report ◆◆◆ TEAM JP Kimura ~ Comment ~ ◆◆◆
In case
Regarding the entry of EWC & Suzuka 8 with this time, adjustment with each country rider,
Because my own preparation (training) was not completed, I decided to decline participation.
Next year, we are planning to aim for participation in perfect condition.
This time, TEAMJP’s agreement team Dog Fight Racing participated in Suzuka 4 resistance.
TEAM JP received your understanding and support from our team’s sponsors.
The result of dog fight racing’s 4 hour endurance is as follows.

Thank you for always supporting me.
I appreciate your understanding for motor sports.

◆Race overview———————-
The team’s first female rider Ogura and veteran Kusanagi who participated in the team last year participated in a pair and joined the Suzuka 4 hour endurance roadless.
We will report on the result of the race, Ogura who greeted the victory in advance
race and greeted machine, Kusanagi who finished the machine
Event: Suzuka qualifying 4 hour endurance road race
Date: July 28, 2018
Race result: Nashclass ST 600 # 35 Karen Ogura & Shinichi Ogura qualifying
Qualifying 5th (14th overall) Final 5th (total 18th)
Resolution:The result is from here
Number of spectators recruited: 11, 000 people (total for 26 to 29 days)

◆Official practice———————-
Suzuka 4 hour endurance first day two free practice. It began to rain in the morning by typhoon approach, but it was dry condition when driving and the road surface temperature was sunny beyond 50 degrees. On the last test, Ogura was a good feeling body, Kusanagi started on course in. After recording 2 minutes and 24 seconds on the third lap, the safety car introduction test began and pit-in. Kusanagi also set the body, and Ogura replaced the rider. Ogura who continues the continuation of the body set continuing last time pits in when I gained time up to 22 seconds and became class 3 (13th overall). Kusanagi who runs the remaining time has also taken the time to exceed the Ogura with the second hand tire and has further raised the position. Ultimately it was class 4 (15th overall), but since the two people ‘s time has come, we are able to see the top class. In the afternoon run, I was able to update the time because I checked the condition of filling up the fuel with two people and fine-tuning the car body, but I was able to finish the first day without feeling a sense of impatience.

◆Official preliminaries———————-
There was also forecast of rain, but on the day it became fine weather, the qualifying greeted with dry condition.
First of all, I will attack from the second rider Kusanagi.
Kusanagi who came in first at the beginning worked hard. Rushed into 21 seconds on the second lap. Further pace up, 0.6 seconds further up by sector 2.
I could see the 20-second rush, but the red flag went out here and the measurement did not come out.
The person himself said “I could see for 19 seconds”, but for the preservation of the tire Kusanagi’s qualifying is over here.
After that Ogura’s qualifying will increase the team’s expectations.
In the evening, the first rider’s official qualifying started about 30 minutes behind schedule.
Ogura, who aimed for a time-out in a fast pace, went on track early.
He increased the pace at a stretch and recorded the target time of 2 minutes 20 seconds on the third lap.
I will raise the pace further, but a late group appears and the course is also crowded.
We did not update the time, but it is growth that we recorded the target 20 second range with second hand tires.
As a result, I got class 6th (16th overall) at the total time of the two.

It was raining due to the typhoon in the morning, the road surface was wet condition, but the weather forecast was scheduled to head for recovery.
The final was expected to be difficult while looking at the road condition.
At 9 am, the road surface remains wet condition. Started on a machine fitted with rain tires, rider Ogura.
I got the first rain run at 600 in the final. Immediately after the start, I dropped the rankings a lot behind by the installation of the air bag,
Calm down from here and restore rank. I ran over 1 hour and recovered my position to 12th class.
The following Kusanagi is a tough run while updating the best lap in a difficult situation where the road surface changes to dry.
The other teams that the road surface begins to dry, pitting in for the tire change one after another.
However, if you pit in now, considering fuel economy will require three pit stops later.
Here the team went into a strategy to run Kusanagi until fuel economy.
Running dry conditions with rain tires is more difficult than wet conditions.
You will know if you are a experienced rider.
In such a severe situation, Kusanagi did not drop the time, ran perfectly to fuel economy, and carried out the strategy of the team.
At the timing when we cut off the remaining 2 hours, three safety cars came out at the end of the race and did not go as planned.
Even so, I was able to do my best with the riders’ rigidity and I was able to get out of team power.
As a result, Suzuka 4 hour endurance was able to finish in class 5th (18th overall). Thank you for your support.

◆ Karen Ogura Comments ◆
This race was a difficult race that changed from wet to dry. I was anxious because myself, 600 was the first time for a rain tire, but since I got advice from various people, I challenged calmly!
When I tried running it was fun to ride the grip more than expected and stuff the time!
The second was a dry run. How fast you can get through by being a quick rider.
Try changing the way to ride or change braking.
I was running while exploring variously, so I learned a lot.
I was in class 5 and I did not reach the podium, but I was able to unite as a team and to have a solid goal.
I am grateful to the team, the stakeholders, and the sponsors for their cooperation so much in participating in this round.
It was a great fun and a wonderful experience. Thank you very much.

◆ Shinichi Kusanagi Comments ◆
When I decided to succeed Suzuka 4 this time, I aimed at two breaks, 20 seconds cut and NAT class podium.
As a result, neither could be achieved.
The embarkation of the new R6, one month before the race and less time to make a machine
I got a feel like reaching both in both, so I would like to continue to race in the future.
This time, I am very thankful to all the teams and sponsors who have improved support and are able to concentrate on running.
Thank you very much.

◆◆◆ Team representative Hideaki Muroi ◆◆◆ It was during the typhoon approach, but I was able to finish the race safely.

The race changed from rain to sunshine, the rider’s skills and the team’s
comprehensive strength were difficult to develop
Successfully completed the finish, I won the fifth place in the class, 18th overall.
Ogura Harajuku who cheered me was able to record the time of 2 minutes 20 seconds of my self goal.

Thanks to everyone’s support, the rider was able to concentrate on the race in a good environment.
Thank you very much!

You can see the race and related photos from the photo gallery.