2018 Suzuka 4 hour endurance road race result report
◆◆◆ TEAM JP Kimura ~ Comment ~ ◆◆◆
In case
Regarding the entry of EWC & Suzuka 8 with this time, adjustment with each country rider,
Because my own preparation (training) was not completed, I decided to decline participation.
Next year, we are planning to aim for participation in perfect condition.
This time, TEAMJP’s agreement team Dog Fight Racing participated in Suzuka 4 resistance.
TEAM JP received your understanding and support from our team’s sponsors.
The result of dog fight racing’s 4 hour endurance is as follows.

Thank you for always supporting me.
I appreciate your understanding for motor sports.

◆Race overview———————-
The team’s first female rider Ogura and veteran Kusanagi who participated in the team last year participated in a pair and joined the Suzuka 4 hour endurance roadless.
We will report on the result of the race, Ogura who greeted the victory in advance
race and greeted machine, Kusanagi who finished the machine
Event: Suzuka qualifying 4 hour endurance road race
Date: July 28, 2018
Race result: Nashclass ST 600 # 35 Karen Ogura & Shinichi Ogura qualifying
Qualifying 5th (14th overall) Final 5th (total 18th)
Resolution:The result is from here
Number of spectators recruited: 11, 000 people (total for 26 to 29 days)

◆Official practice———————-
Suzuka 4 hour endurance first day two free practice. It began to rain in the morning by typhoon approach, but it was dry condition when driving and the road surface temperature was sunny beyond 50 degrees. On the last test, Ogura was a good feeling body, Kusanagi started on course in. After recording 2 minutes and 24 seconds on the third lap, the safety car introduction test began and pit-in. Kusanagi also set the body, and Ogura replaced the rider. Ogura who continues the continuation of the body set continuing last time pits in when I gained time up to 22 seconds and became class 3 (13th overall). Kusanagi who runs the remaining time has also taken the time to exceed the Ogura with the second hand tire and has further raised the position. Ultimately it was class 4 (15th overall), but since the two people ‘s time has come, we are able to see the top class. In the afternoon run, I was able to update the time because I checked the condition of filling up the fuel with two people and fine-tuning the car body, but I was able to finish the first day without feeling a sense of impatience.

◆Official preliminaries———————-
There was also forecast of rain, but on the day it became fine weather, the qualifying greeted with dry condition.
First of all, I will attack from the second rider Kusanagi.
Kusanagi who came in first at the beginning worked hard. Rushed into 21 seconds on the second lap. Further pace up, 0.6 seconds further up by sector 2.
I could see the 20-second rush, but the red flag went out here and the measurement did not come out.
The person himself said “I could see for 19 seconds”, but for the preservation of the tire Kusanagi’s qualifying is over here.
After that Ogura’s qualifying will increase the team’s expectations.
In the evening, the first rider’s official qualifying started about 30 minutes behind schedule.
Ogura, who aimed for a time-out in a fast pace, went on track early.
He increased the pace at a stretch and recorded the target time of 2 minutes 20 seconds on the third lap.
I will raise the pace further, but a late group appears and the course is also crowded.
We did not update the time, but it is growth that we recorded the target 20 second range with second hand tires.
As a result, I got class 6th (16th overall) at the total time of the two.

It was raining due to the typhoon in the morning, the road surface was wet condition, but the weather forecast was scheduled to head for recovery.
The final was expected to be difficult while looking at the road condition.
At 9 am, the road surface remains wet condition. Started on a machine fitted with rain tires, rider Ogura.
I got the first rain run at 600 in the final. Immediately after the start, I dropped the rankings a lot behind by the installation of the air bag,
Calm down from here and restore rank. I ran over 1 hour and recovered my position to 12th class.
The following Kusanagi is a tough run while updating the best lap in a difficult situation where the road surface changes to dry.
The other teams that the road surface begins to dry, pitting in for the tire change one after another.
However, if you pit in now, considering fuel economy will require three pit stops later.
Here the team went into a strategy to run Kusanagi until fuel economy.
Running dry conditions with rain tires is more difficult than wet conditions.
You will know if you are a experienced rider.
In such a severe situation, Kusanagi did not drop the time, ran perfectly to fuel economy, and carried out the strategy of the team.
At the timing when we cut off the remaining 2 hours, three safety cars came out at the end of the race and did not go as planned.
Even so, I was able to do my best with the riders’ rigidity and I was able to get out of team power.
As a result, Suzuka 4 hour endurance was able to finish in class 5th (18th overall). Thank you for your support.

◆ Karen Ogura Comments ◆
This race was a difficult race that changed from wet to dry. I was anxious because myself, 600 was the first time for a rain tire, but since I got advice from various people, I challenged calmly!
When I tried running it was fun to ride the grip more than expected and stuff the time!
The second was a dry run. How fast you can get through by being a quick rider.
Try changing the way to ride or change braking.
I was running while exploring variously, so I learned a lot.
I was in class 5 and I did not reach the podium, but I was able to unite as a team and to have a solid goal.
I am grateful to the team, the stakeholders, and the sponsors for their cooperation so much in participating in this round.
It was a great fun and a wonderful experience. Thank you very much.

◆ Shinichi Kusanagi Comments ◆
When I decided to succeed Suzuka 4 this time, I aimed at two breaks, 20 seconds cut and NAT class podium.
As a result, neither could be achieved.
The embarkation of the new R6, one month before the race and less time to make a machine
I got a feel like reaching both in both, so I would like to continue to race in the future.
This time, I am very thankful to all the teams and sponsors who have improved support and are able to concentrate on running.
Thank you very much.

◆◆◆ Team representative Hideaki Muroi ◆◆◆ It was during the typhoon approach, but I was able to finish the race safely.

The race changed from rain to sunshine, the rider’s skills and the team’s
comprehensive strength were difficult to develop
Successfully completed the finish, I won the fifth place in the class, 18th overall.
Ogura Harajuku who cheered me was able to record the time of 2 minutes 20 seconds of my self goal.

Thanks to everyone’s support, the rider was able to concentrate on the race in a good environment.
Thank you very much!

You can see the race and related photos from the photo gallery.

This year “Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance Road Race” Finished
This year “Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance Road Race” Finished

This year I participated as a food manager of “TEAMJP Dog Fight R RS-ITOH” team.
Mr. Muroi of Dog Fight Racing, Mr. ITO of RS-ITOH, and father TEAMJP Kimura. I think that it is thanks to three people that I finished 8 hardships of this severe attitude safely and safely.
And the members of the mechanics, the sponsors, the staff, the two of the race queen, Mr. Ricky and Mark, it was safe and it was ok.

And Iku, Mr. Shinjo, Mr. Okamura, Mr. Ken, who ran up to the end even though there were happenings, I really appreciate your work! Thank you very much! !


2017.5.21 Taste of Tsukuba〜SATSUKI STAGE〜

2017.5.21 Taste of Tsukuba ~ SATSUKI STAGE ~ participation war result report

Participation class: HERCULES
Team: AUTOBOY & TeamJP, Yoshinari Matsushita
Machine: ZRX 1200 S
Rider: Masahiro Shinjo
Oil: Wako’s
Director: Konosu Tadashi

First place in qualifying result
First place finals result

Taste of Tsukuba was held 2Days since this year.
I think that it was great that this race which was not always proceeding on time as a result of race interruptions, for example, was also nice and smooth and safe (^ ^) ♪
Did the number of spectators recruitment increase? Is it?

In relation to other races in the usual year, although it was available only in autumn KAGURADUKI, SATSUKI can participate in this year, it was feeling that half of fun, half anxiety (^ ^ ;;

Meanwhile, the start of the first race at ZRX this week is Wednesday’s usual as usual (^ ^;;?

The first one is breaking up of the body and the motorcycle
And feel free to feel comfortable going out!
There is no grip at all and there is no good image of last year!
We confirmed movements one by one as to the confirmation work and what is misleading so much.
A short running time of 25 minutes is over.

Returning to the pit, investigate the cause with Mr. Konosu.
Actually, on this day, the temperature is over 30 degrees and the road surface temperature is close to 50 degrees, which is the cause of No. 1.

As I recall, I never ran ZRX at this road surface temperature, yeah, that’s right w
It runs only in November every year, and it was a rainy half w
Of course there is no data, in a situation like returning to the start. . .

The second one
After 2 laps, return to the pit and shake the set, repeat the pit after two laps.
It does not seem to be easy to think. . .
You can not fight as it is
Hmm. . .

I also consulted Mr. Oki who came with DUNLOP adviser and will change direction a little and give it a big deal.

Ah! A little feel good! It is!
Grips also come in, and the time will finally be able to turn around in the second half of 58 seconds.

But! It is!
Aim for records! It is! It is! It is! It is!
Traveling time is also a few minutes after!
Only the next two tests on Friday!
I have to decide now! It is! It is! It is! It is!

And pit stop up, shake the set big! It is!
I wonder if I left it at the moment I went out
I thought about it, but continued attacking in the absence of time

I did it. . . . .

2 Entry of the hairpin, at the moment when the first speed drops,
Slip down from the front. . .

It took the ZRX for the first time in the 4th year and took over by himself for the first time. . .

Fortunately minor injuries? Cab car, naked car was an enemy, broken something and arranged parts as soon as possible!
Dear BABYFACE, Ofa, Maeda-san, thank you very much m (_ _) m
Dear SHOEI, thanks to TAICHI, the body is no damage ♪

And Mr. Konosu was desperately trying to fix it perfectly by Friday and I was able to challenge the last test (^ ^) ♪

Last run before the race, there is no free practice on the day of the race, so we have to decide today!

After all, the road surface temperature exceeds 50 degrees.
Started on a used tire from Wednesday

I will not grip at all from the first lap! It is! It is! It is! It is!
Eh ー ー ー ー ー! It is! It is! It is! It is!
Why am I changing so much! It is! Is it?
And frustrating MAX! It is! It is! It is! It is!

Unlike the racer, if the car weight exceeds 200 kg, iron frame, production tire, wheel base and caster angle etc. If it says it is not drunk
In the first place such a race w

First go calmly into the pit
Explain the situation to the mechanics and pretend the course and take a course.

does not change. . .

Traveling is over.
Why is it – ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is!
And Konosu wearing a cold w w w

The teams around did not have any time at all, but that’s not the problem! It is! It is! It is! It is!

The last one really is the last.

Calm down,
Let’s put a new tire in Mr. Konosu! Alright, I received consent from Shibusibi. . .
Even if the tire we are using can run around 58 seconds (T_T)
With the set rotting fixed, it got talked about the set, and set it from the trend from Wednesday.

The second one
From the first lap 58 seconds!
I will really grip it w
After all the new tire is amazing w
I’m feeling awfully amateur while thinking like an amateur (^ ^) ♪
Proceed to the direction you were aiming for the set,
It became able to turn around in the middle of 58 seconds, if you think about the road surface
temperature and situation, it is botchi.
I wanted to change the spring rate if I wanted to say, but I should stop hauling before the finals So, it was settled to be able to target the record at first depending on the condition of the day.

The day of the final day

Our race will be the 2nd day of 2days.
Brought in at 5 am on the previous day!
Village, thank you for the spot (^ ^) ♪

Thanks to that, I put it in a little slowly, and these places are also good places that became 2 days (^ ^) ♪
We have supported our team from this time,
Dear Taiko Transport Co., Ltd.
Thanks to that I got a luxurious team suite too, team tents and pits were probably the most prominent (^ ^) ♪
Many people can come,
The atmosphere of the team is also good, the qualifying qualifying round, the tension MAX to the finals! It is!

For this day, I will prepare for the donkey, Mr. Konosu will make a machine, run by many people’s support, sponsors, many crews.
It straddles the machine while biting such a thing.
No matter how many times I will get nervous only this moment.

Ask the team to go out as No. 1 as ever and have them prepare perfectly
Course in first place on schedule
I check the condition of the road surface and start attack.
Course record only aims! It is! It is! It is! It is!
Put in a corner and enter the corner! It is! It is! It is! It is!

The grip is thin. . .
The rise does not progress as the motorcycle seems. . .
That’s right. Temperature on this day also exceeded 30 degrees, road temperature rose to over 50 degrees.
First in 58.8 seconds at the top of the bulletin board.
The moment I return to the pit and talk with Mr. Konosu to shake the set a little more
Mr. Matsuda announced the top emergence from the live performance.
58.575 seconds
5 minutes remaining time
I can attack it for 2 laps

Course in again,
First lap 58.7 seconds
Anyway cut down useless places, throw away what can be done
Although it was more than half-way uphearted, www

Checkered flag

As I went back to the pit and looked at the bulletin board,
Our bib number “71” was displayed at the top of the line (^ ^) ♪

When everyone gets back to the team with a smile, this moment is exhausted as a rider ♪
I can not forget the smile of Mr. Konosu w

As a result, I got a pole position of 58.552 seconds, but with Mr. Matsuda it is 2 / 100th
Power Builder Mr. Yamane was 3rd though he seemed to be having anxiety about the machine due to the fall of the previous day, but it definitely matches the final.
4th and 5th are new type H2R ……
It does not reach record, it is not a situation where there is room at all.

Our pit where many people came to come (^ ^) ♪
It was worthwhile to make sponsors and guests feel like hospitable, so we came to various people ♪, it became a very good atmosphere ♪
A lot of words of encouragement are received, motivation is the best tide! It is! It is! It is! It is!

There is no siting rap and goes to the grid with the team

There are photography etc., introduction of the team will start in the live situation.
I got a lot of encouragement, everyone came to see the grid,
Why are you doing the race for many years but I’m getting nervous w

Omnipresently pretends to be cool

1 minute before the start
I feel that something is not going well this time,
I am terribly uneasy whether I can run firmly or overturn.
I am not confident, I do not have enough grounds

engine start
I wonder why.
Why? Why? Tension and uneasiness flies as you hang the engine.

Warming up lap start
As usual the road surface temperature, there are some places where oil treatment is done, but there is no problem.

Return to the grid

Just concentrate on the start

Red signal lighting

I pray to Mr. Matsushita

StarOut! It is! It is! It is! It is!

The hit of the clutch is also not bad!
Good feeling!
But I came after all Yamane!
Utilizing power and taking in beautiful beautifully
You go to the hairpin as it is without going for deprivation from the out.
If you go earlier you can not pass easily
And 2 to push up to the hairpin but Mr. Yamane Kusufutsu will not hand over w

Back straight
Yeah yeah yeah yeah – san is fast! It is! It is! It is! It is!
I feel like I’m about three cars away. . .
But I have an advantage over the last corner.

I arrived at the back of the lap as perfect as 3 laps and as to where I should be able to go, I checked where I was going to be able to set in after I left.
Mr. Matsuda is also following the back.
The road surface temperature is also high, the grip is thin.

1 corner on the fourth lap
Mr. Yamane slightly over speeded, the emergence of a little empty place in the inward emergence top emergence.

I should be better for in courses! It is!
The problem is back straight.
I think I was stabbed with the final invasion as I thought
But I managed to get through some braking.
Push in the corner, but the tire is sagging and it is hard to bear.
However, there is no room to drop the pace to say anything. . .
Anyway a lot www

I will not be able to slip backstraight as I repeat laps
Advantage is about 1 second by checking backward with hairpin!
After all, everyone knows that the grips are together, we can afford a little feeling,
It is displayed that there is an advantage in the sign board from the pit, and it confirms 4 laps remaining lap.

I just use this strength machine w
Unlike super sports often rampage so it’s painful in the second half! It is!

Every time I see the outstanding shirt in the pit or the audience seat, I get the power and I feel that it is truly mentally supported.


Another round

To the last

I could concentrate anyway.

Checkered flag

I am just relieved, I’m happy
Also thank Mr. Matsushita for protecting me

When coming back to the podium made on the main straight, a smiley smile (≧ ∇ ≦) ♪ ♪ ♪

It is really the best moment (≧ ∇ ≦) ❤

In the awards ceremony Mr. Yamane was thrust down
From Kawashima-san and the persons involved in the circuit, I was celebrating the ceremonial words of power builders Mr. Cheng and Mr. rival team, so many of them were celebrating, (≧ ∇ ≦) ❤

Thanks to the sponsors who agreed with our thoughts and cooperated this time, everyone who
supported us,
Thank you so much (≧ ∇ ≦)! It is! It is! It is! It is!
And, everyone at AUTOBOY crew!
I really appreciate your work (≧ ∇ ≦)! It is! It is! It is! It is!

There is another stage of the year, KAGURADUKI stage this year! It is! It is! It is! It is!
Next time I will power up the engine, so I will issue a record this time! It is! It is! It is! It is!

From now on
AUTOBOY & Team Japan. Matsushita Yoshinari,
Thank you Shinjo Masahiro (≧ ∇ ≦) ♪ ♪ ♪

2017/03 PanDelta Racing Festival Spring : TEAM-JP with RS-ITO/Dan Kruger Racing

201703 PanDelta Racing Festival Spring

TEAM-JP with RS-ITO / Dan Kruger Racing

Rider: Kazuki Watanabe

As for me this time, Masahiro Shinjo is a member of TeamJP’s team, Kazuki Watanabe’s support, team
I was able to help you (^ ^)

A race where Watanabe is supposed to participate this time, the so-called Panderuta is a country located in Zhuhai, China
It is the biggest and most popular event race in China held at the circuit!

Participating riders gathered from all over the world, and the levels rise yearly, and this year Watanabe is running
Open A class (the highest peak class of this race running with 1000 cc super bike)
World super bicycle players and Australian championship riders and strong man all together
It was!

Movement Date March 16

Watanabe is already with the team owner president Kimura and RS-ITOH president Ito etc.
I entered the country, I met with Osuga mechanic and Ozawa Mechanic at Narita airport
And I went to China (^ ^)!

The Osuga Mechanic has different spelling of the passport name and spelling of the ticket and a change fee
I was able to enter China smoothly except for the trouble of being taken (^ ^ ;;

Then we arrived at the hotel where everyone would stay, joined Watanabe and the president and go to rice as it is!
While having a meeting on the next day I got delicious rice (^ ^)
President Kimura Thank you always m (_ _) m

March 17 practice, qualifying

Hong Kong Kawasaki who will be indebted for this time is Mother Dan Kruger Racing,
Last year I also ran a team that I ran, and it was a great time for me to meet again for a long time
Check the machine right away!

Mr. Ito focuses on the setting and maintenance of the machine, Mr. Muroi, Osuga Saga
It is a perfection system consisting of Mr. Ozawa and a specialist!
Nearly almost stock cars this time (^ ^ ;;
No matter how much Watanabe is going to be, it will be a tough fight.
Tomorrow, for the finals of the day after tomorrow, today there are two practice runs, and there is a qualifying last.

Because I had a little time, I went to the preview of the course with Watanabe, and my best advice!

The first one, I also ran on the previous day, so the course seems to have been able to capture much more
However, the difference between the machines with the top riders is still obvious (^ ^ ;;

The second one,
Review problems and undercarriages of the ECU and start running with greatly changing the setting.
I went in a good direction and shortened the time, and it finally became an atmosphere that I could fight with the top!
However, it is still insufficient in battle power to win the top.
There are no parts in stock vehicles.

what will you do! It is! It is! Is it?

There is not enough neta to worry so do as much as possible and qualify (^ ^ ;;

In the full of super bikes, I gained the 6th grit of a great fight with stock vehicles!
Everyone is a famous rider and I feel that it is no longer an event race in China (^ ^ ;;
The Chinese champion was the 7th grid behind Watanabe.

March 18 race race 1

I made a Chinese exhaust muffler attached from the beginning which went up to the problem point in qualifying
Exchange to a genuine exhaust pipe
Adjusting the map of the ECU accordingly, the improvement of undercarriage, grid alignment

There is also the biggest event in China, the amazing people to the spectators’ seats and the grid! It is!
Of course, many media are coming!

Watanabe has a nervous looking face

Not (^ ^ ;;
I’m used to it already (^ ^)!
Service to customers with a smile ♪

And other than riders are removed and warming up lap.

Come back to the grid

Red signal lighting

start! It is!

I successfully advance the machine with less power and pass through the first corner while keeping the position Go through each corner while forming the top group

After lap two
Again the battle on a tough machine, gradually being released
To the back China champion I was stuck with a tail-to-nose and seemed to be strict,
I managed to keep my position,
It became a checker in 6th place.

Watanabe was not a convincing result of course, but please give as much results as possible
The team praised Watanabe who came back with a warm feeling.

Such a moment can be a good race (^ ^)!
March 19 race 2

From the morning heavy rain

Can you race this? Although it is rain, it is truly China!
It is going to progress without any care, and if it is too dangerous from teams and riders, clay
Mu (^ ^ ;;;
Well, if you thought so, for the time being, for the sake of the customer, lined up in the grid for the time being Say that

Alright grid alignment as to whether or not!

Chinese is busy and busy. . .

that? Three minutes ago the board went out and the start is in progress! It is!

Huh? Do it! Is it?
Japan team warmth ヽ (¯ д¯ 😉 = 3 = 3 = 3

One minute ago! Other cars started the engine! It is!

What? It is! It is! It is! Is it?

At that moment DELAY board (^ ^ ;;


Perhaps you have not told the customers, the Chinese team, too. . .
You directed it just as though you had canceled it now. . .

I was scared (^ ^ ;;

Race 2 was canceled like this, so our PanDelta Racing Festival Spring
The participation war has ended.

I participated in the team because I was a support role, but this time too many
I learned things.
Watanabe’s approach,
President Kimura, President Ito and Mr. Muroi are not going to be involved in management other than racing and living on a daily basis I will study important things and things not only as riders.

I am really looking forward to the next round of participation (^ ^) ♪

Everyone who took care of me,
Thank you very much m (_ _) m

2016 Taste of Tsukuba KAGURADUKI STEAGE Report of participation results

2016 Taste of Tsukuba KAGURADUKI STEAGE Report of participation results

First of all, this race is Japan’s best event race in which the bike of the 1980s is performed mainly.

It is a race that dates back to the time that it can not participate in the latest type of vehicle
Vehicles who decorated the spectacularly past are seriously running and fighting now, it is a hot race.
The highest class in this race is Hercules, the least regulated restriction is the least
Monster machines wearing past looks with 200 horsepower over engines fought
And its manipulators are also many professional riders who are entering the All Japan Championship etc.
The popularity of this race is tremendous, and it has been taken up in the media as well.

And there was a special feeling to participate in this race.

As you probably know many people, May 27, 2013
Yoshinari Matsushita who was participating in the match
It started from 18:45 PM (local time)
Crash in practice (cum qualifying), we have passed away.
This race, Taste of Tsukuba
Matsushita is AUTO BOY J’s
It was a race that I participated in the ZRX 1200 R, Matsushita was a favorite race.
Yes, the ZRX 1200R I got on this time was a motorcycle that Matsushita took and was participating in the battle.
Matsushita is a close friend and a family like Auto Boy,
Of course, I also have a father who is the representative of the Autoboy, since I was little I was cute for Matsushita player By the time I started aiming at a racer, I got advice
Together at the circuit called TwinLink Motegi, in a 7 hour endurance race
Participating in the team [auto boy], it was featured on TV program MOBI on Japan TV, and there was also aired.

And the other one, Mr. Konosuji who is the creator of this ZRX 1200 R.
Mr. Konosu studied from my early twenties for nearly ten years under my father and became independent
He launched Auto Boy J’s, and in the next 10 years or so he is the core engineer of Autoboy.
I entered the auto boy from the age of 18, I was a bit Yancha I was not the parent
I started to work for the Shin-Matsudo store in Chiba prefecture where Konosu is now the store manager (now, I will serve)
Like a younger brother, I made a cheeky me, sometimes became a parent and raised me.

Matsushita, Mr. Konozashi who was like an older brother for me.
It was a wishful desire at the ZRX 1200 R that the two had created
Taste of Tsukuba

That intention is continued
We have been in this race since 2013.

And in 2014 I was able to achieve my victory.

Matsushita-san will fight with specs as it is on board

Mr. Kono’s pride that ZRX 1200 is a twin shock

Compared to other cars that participate in Hercules, obviously won in low fighting power!

The team got excited about it and it was taken up by many media and became an impressive race.

But. . .

It was raining this year. . . In the case of

The rivals did not admit it.

Since it is raining, I happened to win

Because there was trouble of others

This time it’s a fluke

I was able to win so that’s fine.

Winning wins

Even if it is sunny, I can win

I want to prove it.

Mr. Matsushita will laugh at me if I do not prove it.

“Show me with the results”
I feel like Mr. Matsushita is told.

I felt so, I was not alone.

The feelings of all AUTOBOY have already been decided, and the participation in 2015

The result is again the final in rain.

Moreover, falls over retaliation involved in the fall of others.

If this goes on
It will not end.

And this year in 2016.

However, even this time as usual during the war
It was dangerous.

Because the all-Japan championships and schedule were bad, we went to all Japan mechanically with ZRX’s creator, Konosu-san
I decided not to be able to come to the taste final race, and from the restoration of the machine I wrecked in the last race for honest participation
After thinking about running cost, all the costs involved in the race
It was a situation where it was not amusing to give up.

And participation war is realized.

In support of this race participation, there were support and cooperation by many people indeed.

Hello DUNLOP, Wako’s, TeamJP
Cooperation of many sponsors
Mr. Matsushita and all the people who support AUTOBOY, my mind of my best friend who put me a feeling switch on it was the reality.

However, it was late to have decided to be able to participate in the test, and there are only two tests until the final.
In the first test, although I have some troubles, I can see my goal little by little, change my selfish setting request, that one! Change this! Mr. Konosu made a form in Tenayawanya, such as what consulted with G-TRIBE Toda-san
Mr. Konozashi who will head for all Japan in this run for the second test run last
While I could only change specifications until this day, the desperate feelings of everyone became the form and cleared the target time.
Win it dry and win! AUTOBOY The thought of all the crews was a moment when it was realistic! It is!

And on the actual day,


Mr. Wako’s, TeamJP like this time also put in efforts to set up
Thanks for your cooperation, we were able to create a wonderful team space! It is!
Waiting for qualifying after completing various preparations, why is soowow so far from the day before? Excited?

I can only imagine myself winning, I feel tense or motivation is too expensive. . .
It was serious to control myself.
Calm down like a lie if straddling the machine
Crew who prepared the perfect machine Everyone’s feelings
The feelings of the people who cheerfully came in with Sue and I was concentrating really good.
Since it is a narrow Tsukuba, I went out first, I thought that laps 1 and 2 were a game, and we had a meeting with the team in advance
Thanks to everyone’s preparation, I succeeded with a clear lap as planned
Measure the time as desired, 58.4 seconds (fastest time in twin shock history)!
Originally I put it in the 57 second range, wanted to show overwhelming speed, but it was not so sweet.

For the time being, the remaining time pits in to make fine adjustments for the final.

Fine adjustment around the front which I was concerned for the finals and re-entering the course.

Confirmation and qualifying ends.

When looking at the electric bulletin board, it’s own bib number “71”

I intended to take it, but I was relieved that I could actually take it, I became happy.


Align to grid

Pole position I think I will suppress myself that seems to be floating and think only about the race

Awesome spectators, AUTOBOY cheering team are encouraged a lot.

In a word

Warming up lap

Check the feel of the clutch, the course situation
Back to the grid

Red flags leave

A good concentration

Signal lit

Lights off

He was too calm, lags behind, third fastest. . .

Yamane: I forgave Mr. Matsuda ahead, but if I have an advantage, I feel calm and I run cool
Black flag to Mr. Yamane running over the top like that! It is!
Mr. Yamane left the front line as soon as I wanted to win.

Matsuda goes out in front of Mr. Matsuda in the first corner of the second lap
From there I kept the pace so that I did not make a mistake and I was wondering where I was going to set up
Matsuda who was suffering from machine trouble from the test did not rise in pace,
 Last rap rushes while remaining in 1st place



To review the race life so far

Last corner

Winning in a dry condition twin shock

Everyone’s wishes come true

A checkered flag gets in my eyes

Team crews making a big deal under that
Finally I can make everyone happy

I get the checkered flag at the beginning

At that moment the various feelings that had been held at once overheartedly disappeared

Was good

It was true

I’m happy but honestly as a relief

Guts pose is better than winning pleasure

Everyone Thank you ー ー ー ー! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is!
It was feeling.

I do not want to lose just after all

It may just be that I just wanted to win.

Twin shock can not win

That does not matter
With this I will win

But it does not run though all the teams have the same thoughts
It’s a great force when comrades gather

It’s a terrible job to put out the results in the race
I realized that strong thoughts are superior to anything.

this time too,
I won the event race so what?
Even if it is told
Even if various all-Japan riders participate, it is not easy to win, in this race, the riders who ran together also are seniors with a high level,

In a vehicle that is thought not to win,

I was able to win the results by various pressures,
I thought from the bottom of my heart that it was truly a fellow ‘s thoughts and the gifts of those who support it.

Small world, big world

There are various things,

I can not pass wherever I go if I can not do my best on the spot

Become a world-class rider! It is!
I was able to recognize my own goal when I started racing.

I am strong towards myself, I will continue to aim only at the top.

First place in qualifying (fastest time in twin shock history)

First place in the final (Furste Strap)

The power that all of the AUTOBOY crew could have left such a result at the end of this season
Many sponsors who support AUTOBOY and Masahiro Shinjo, the gift of all who support you! It is! It is! It is! It is!

I’m really thankful to you! It is!

Please continue to AUTOBOY, Shinjo Masahiro
Humbly! It is!

Thank you m (__) m

MFJ All Japan Road Racing Championship in Suzuka Suzuka Sunday Road Race Sixth Battle

November 5, 2016 I participated in MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship in Suzuka Suzuka Sunday Road Race the 6th round.

This time, because it is a joint race with all Japan, the CBR 250R Dream Cup class had 46 entries. It was a race that fell in qualifying!
This time I fell down with a rear-end collision from another car in the race that was held last Sunday.
Although the machine wrecked and it was distorted to the frame, I was worried whether I could participate in this race
A lot of people cooperated and I was able to go back to Suzuka except the frame except for the frame!
I entered the circuit from Friday morning and I ran only one at 8 o’clock! 
I confirmed the post-fall confirmation with this one book, but I was going to set up but I was curious about the distortion of the frame and it ended without going quite well. 
  After that, Yokoi Engineering cured the distortion of the frame and was able to greet the final in almost restoring state! 
On Saturday we had a schedule from 9:10 in the morning and qualifying from 15:30 on the final. 
Preliminary contest, I regret that things can not be gotten dumplings all the time 
It started after other riders came in. 
I was on time grabbing the machine while he was doing the work and managed to finish grid six.  
After that, based on the feeling in qualifying, we reset the setting and prepared for the final.  
  Thanks to the finals I was able to get around from the siding lap with a nice feeling!  

However, from the rider who fell down at the second corner just after the start
Because the rear end collided with the rear tire and the acceleration slowed down
I dropped a lot of rankings.
Families who prepared for various things from falling the other day until today
I remember the face of the people who took care of me yesterday and today
I took up with all my strength
When I got to the top of the group, I was separated from the top 3 cars and I got the goal in 5th place.
I did not expect that losing in the race that should have won so much is frustrating.

Due to the difficulty of winning out of 44 cars and my own faults
Although I often reflect on
There were also many things I could learn.
Thanks to the support of Mr. Makihara of MKD, Mr. Iio of MTRT, including father, mother
I really appreciate that the machine has returned and I got a race.

Thank you very much!

  Next is November 27th this is the last race of the season!

We have demonstrated all the results so far and have been supported so far
Dear TEAMJP, everyone who supports you
To all the many people who supported us
I’d like to repay you.
I would like to retain the best results!
Thank you for your support next time!

2016 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Autumn Race
2016 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Autumn Race.

Also it came to Panderuta the final round to be held in China this year.

Although last year was the support of Carl Mr. (Australia)

Came for Mr. Dan (Canada) this year.

Dunn of Canadian rider injured arm, can not participate in the Panderuta

But there was a consultation in JP Kimura.

Early JP Kimura of the set-up from there.

Lot of players flourish in Zhuhai circuit, and above all ran not ashamed on behalf of Mr. Dan

A rider that can be searched in the brain.

Therefore, the singled out was standing

“The man across the bike darts in one hand.”

So, Masahiro Shinjo players.

And even the presence of the handsome rider Okamura Hikarinori players such as the little brother of the Shinjo players.

In addition, this time mechanic and support, the Suzuka 8 of the T-car from Japan

RS-ITOH Mr. Ito, who have backed up transport to China.

And also participated Mr. familiar DOG FIGHT RASING Muroi every time.

I am always grateful for your help.

In addition, from who have the support of this financially Tokyo gasket Industry Co., Ltd. Mr.

Also in Yoshino director who rushed to cheer.

Finally, as an interpreter of the Dunn, Rainy Blue Yasuto also China entering from Australia.

Under the large number of powerful backup, emergency.

Shinjo players are local cored from the race Week Tuesday spans Dan’s machine

Ito, continue to adjust the machine in the mechanic and the small part of Muroi Mr. Messrs and Dan.

In addition, the span is Okamura players Suzuka 8 of the T car of RS-ITOH.

Here also fine-tune the machine to suit the circuit and Okamura players.

And practice sessions.

The Zhuhai International Circuit that JP Kimura has issued a 38-second stand 1 minute.

Goal-setting time is 35 seconds stand that JP Kimura was imposed on two people.

Shinjo, 38 seconds stand of JP Kimura if two or three laps to Okamura both players both, accustomed to the course

35 seconds stand in the race say that had enclosed the high and immediately leave.

But middle. 35 seconds stand both players rush not out 38 seconds stand let alone.

Resulting in 38 seconds stand is clear and was but podium of Toraku line does not reach the 35 seconds table.

It was the result of leaving the anxiety.

Night of the race the day before 9/16 (gold), to the stability of the Osaka shop (Japanese food shop).

Flowers bloom on the bike lecture.

After a few hours and returned to the hotel in early in preparation for the race the next day.

Hmm? ? Back it was? ?

Wait, I was asked to let the beautiful voice (^^ ♪

9/17 (Sat) race -① day.

Scorching sun is going to raise the temperature of the circuit from the morning.

Race Queen who is also entered in one after another preparation.

Humidity is also high hot air steamy, it feels like your sex appeal stuffy.

Each to emergency race Chile post.

Okamura from the previous day’s qualifying time in the fourth grid players, Shinjo players enter immediately diagonally behind the fifth grid.

Just when you think go laps number off the decent start to the two players both,

The second lap the middle, white smoke rises from the bike of Shinjo players.

After that it will be running third lap the middle, when the 3 minutes 49 seconds from the start, had a fall.

Fortunately it did not become a big injury has become a subtle appearance of tomorrow’s battle.

On the other hand, Okamura players emerged to third place from fourth place at the start dash, as it is the third place until the final LAP

I had to keep overtaken in Shizao of China champion who was much perfect and follow directly to the end of the last

And finished in fourth place. (4th overall class 3 podium in)

It is truly the podium in the imposing of class third in PANDELTA of its debut (^ O ^) /

Well, we continue to dismantle the machine towards the cause investigation raised also return white smoke bike Shinjo players had crashed.

Apparently, it seems a result of some kind of oil leaks, is not able to immediately determine where if oil leaks,

Talking on the fact that for the time being the oil of Shinjo player of the body flows out is together (?)

Relieved in that it did not lead to any rate important.

It reached the 9/18 (gold) of the final race -② day.

This day is also wrinkle between the eyebrows of both players in Zhuhai unique solid take such heat from the morning.

Start By now, the Shinjo players from 40 on the grid of 45 cars raced this day from the previous day’s fall.

In addition, Okamura players raced from the previous day with the same 4 position on the grid.

It is snort and vowed to catch-up of the two players together the day before the race.

Shinjo players the finish of the top 10 from 40 on the grid,

Okamura players stood on the start line with the goal of finishing in second place overall.

Shinjo players flies bought with tremendous momentum from the last side as soon as you start.

Excl. 22 units by entering the first corner, is it then gradually increase the pace also trouble in the machine also this day.

Brake lever is loose, he had been repaired while running.

6th overall of 34 cars unplug show the catching up of the angry waves also overtaken by several cars in the meantime, class 4-position and

Staff for a run that was catching up to the point where one step away from the podium, was amazed.

On the other hand, Okamura players continue the stable running entered in due course to fourth place the first corner.

Although packed with Shizao up to 3 seconds which was overtaken last the day before also update the best and 1 minute 36 seconds 408 time

Since the mix of the 600cc, not fully capture the Shizao disturbed the pace in the mountains of the lap.

A result, 4th overall, took the checkered flag in the class third place, was on the podium for the second consecutive day.

Shinjo players showed the running of one person after from the previous day of fall up to the podium at the catching up of the threat.

Okamura player who captivated the audience with challenging run from fourth place overall of the day before in anticipation of the second place overall.

Both players both, still rank if from the person who has been raised, have been a race still time remaining of shrink and chagrin

There, however, recording and storage of two Japanese riders left in this PANDELTA, and

Friendly smile would have become a thing can not be forgotten for the Chinese race fans.

This is the spot participation of only the final round, the first time in China for both players, the first time the circuit

This success in bike unfamiliar ride goes also led to the fact that the full participation of the next year of PANDELTA.

In addition, taking advantage of the driving experience in this PANDELTA, it never ceased to expect a future of further success of both players.

Finally, many of the staff who was entrained to now race, also including the owner of Dan team, the staff

I would like to express gratitude to everyone.

Thank you very much (^ o ^) /

Suzuka Sunday Road Race Round 5 report

There was Suzuka Sunday Road Race fifth round on September 18.

This time, even so seems to me to firmly maintenance machine, traveling was a pleasure.

Immediately, ran a special sports driving frame of the previous day, time nor perfect very best a machine with a good feel,
However, the next day the weather because it was rain forecast in the influence of the typhoon, was ready in preparation for the race the next day of rain.

On the day, but it was still rain in the morning, in the raining or stopped Dari in subtle road surface condition, since only one set of new rain tire was not ready, we challenge the qualifying rain tires used without way.
However, not felt the grip of the road surface only left corner there still only used tires, I have become to run not a little go of consent can not be extended, as I think the time.
Because that became a qualifying time remaining slightly, finally it will slip down from the rear tires when the bank angle was increased slightly in the left corner of the opposite bank before I try to place the attack, and how to end that fall before the finals were sisters.
However, since the overall time was not so much up, the final became the sixth grid start Fortunately.

  Since the final was a 16 o’clock start, in the strange weather of raining on and off, the record line began to dry little by little. In our around the PIT, there is also a team to change to dry tires, but was worried quite a tire selection until just before, we chose the rain tires.

We arrived to the grid and the course in, but I thought it was the correct answer in the selection of the rain tire.
And is a start.
Clutch meat is the start went well I was good, while you are without being out quite in front of the front of the vehicle, unplug the preceding vehicle in TOP4 cars and although I have quite distant second lap, chasing hard, 5 can catch up in per-th revolution, use the slip stream in the home straight to the next week, we were able to go on at once overtaking top TOP4 units.

Then but top fight until the last lap was followed, in the opposite final lap used a slip allowed beginning at the first corner, and then not reach but was planted dive in in with S-shaped, later it will overtake in the final corner , but was opened early on the accelerator at the rising emphasis on changing the line, it will swell to the outside too open early, became as it is received the
checkered flag second place.
This time, but victory was missed, so was able to bring back the first time the trophy of Suzuka Circuit, a result it is very nice to look you have me come with little by little! (≧? ≦)
Next I will do my best with the aim of above and more!
Also from the reflection point and found was his weakness this time, then training, such as tie will do our best to be able to!

TEAMJP like that was also asked to support this time, everyone we have a lot of support, also Thank you really sponsor of everybody that who have support!

We are looking forward to hearing from you (≧? ≦)


It finished the 2016 Suzuka 8, will introduce the TEAMJP members of the reports with photos.

The first is a comment from the Team Director and owner jpkimura .

We were able to compete will be supported by a number of sponsors and staff members.
The results, but was privately regret was 8 resistance that let study toward tomorrow.
I would like to thank all of the people of teamJP officials.
Thank you, cheers for good work, hardship like!

«Mark Acheson players»
This race is I think that there was the race of the profit for the whole team.
A very good team as a team despite the machine trouble, was enough team that Aim for a good result if the original. It is also the other teams I think it is thought also the audience.
Although I had a hard time in the first experience of that myself 8-hour endurance race, there is a very fun and a sense of accomplishment
It was a race that seems that it was good to participate.
Thank you very much.

«Teppei Wada players»
Japan’s largest motorcycle race “Hachitai”.
For many years it has been involved in work on this Hachitai, but we have for the first time to participate as a member of the team this year.
Seen in the team, I feel Hachitai was like a different world and until now.
Starting on Wednesday towards the Suzuka Circuit.
Rider, mechanic, began to run at a considerable large family, such as transportation vehicle.
The middle, but transportation vehicle there was a trouble to punk resolved soon be exhibited great teamwork at this point.
Expectations of surprise and the race is now greatly to this team work. All of the members from the arrival is smoothly doing their business, quickly set-up is complete.
It always surprised part in the future, but I felt strongly that the height of the teamwork is better excel, among other teams.
All of the members, even the race queen goes toward actively for various work. One person is a very high one person of consciousness, it is a great team.
Rider is supported in such a team felt I can go towards the result with confidence.
Thursday is carried out practice sessions, qualifying 10th is a feat as a private team in Friday’s qualifying.
The result of this in the works team that sit in a row is to have raised the team of the tension at once,
For a handshake to Corey and Mark are a number of audience in the night Pittowoku, I went over the words of cheer.

Sunday of the finals, I will be responsible for the attendant of the sponsors.
Team sponsors had heard the eagerly talk of Hachitai just wonderful people.
Finals there was a disappointing result, but the result that surely lead to a next time, I think that it was a result that remains in memory of many people.
Experience was able to participate in Hachitai in this great team is a big treasure.
Thank you very much.
«(DaiAkiraOkoshi kun of your parents) TEAMJP supporters Hiroyuki Ano, incense Mr. and Mrs.»
8 for I am allowed to resistance of the support will be the fourth time.
In the race of every year a different atmosphere, I feel like – Do finished the summer and 8 resistance to the end.
It was trouble continued this year, was the most thrills and spills the race until now.
Team JP the cohesion of the team is also strong, is a really nice team.
Its poor ability while help as part of a team can be I am, now valuable experience.
Kimura president, including the supervision Muroi, everyone in the we really appreciate.
We’re looking forward to next year’s race.
Thank you very much!

«TEAMJP support Girl »
«Aliare representative Asahi Tsubasa’s »
Unexpected I was trouble continued but was glad be able to come out to the TOP10 of the opening ceremony!
Mark player but is difficult than any rider who was in charge until now, for the helper
I was able to again study the sense of distance between the important rider.
In the pit from the fall in the TOP10 trial, the atmosphere in the tent becomes dark
Somehow can not be turn the tide not reach efforts were made to replace the mood even a little force
I am sorry.
Then I will do my best so that can take advantage for the first time of vexation in the spring in the 8-resistant for the third time!
m (_ _) m Thank you very much taken care this year
«Aliare Shingu Aoi’s »
It this year was the first time the 8-resistant, or unlike the race that has been experienced until now,
Now very memorable 5 days.
Among the various problems or accidents occur every day, the best that everyone on the team can be in your
Doing and to figure that I thought, “I also do not do your best that they can be!” He said. Enough is my first participation can safely vexation of just there, and can then continue to your work with a nice team
I was really happy. I am grateful. Thank you very much! ! !

«JPA Kimura Yasuto kun, Mirei Kimura »

«Yasuto kun»
Also race week in the heat wave this year, was really a hardship like! While there is a variety of trouble, the team director
All the staff in the largest, member-san, there is a cooperation of the sponsors of everyone, and “Do I this solidarity is team.”
I realized. Fun Thanks to everyone, we were able to spend a tough race weekend!
Thank you very much!

This year was also the end to successfully “Suzuka 8-hour endurance road race”!
People of mechanics who have worked until late at night every day, sponsors who came from a distant place
People of, people who came to last year same help, people to meet for the first time this year
Two of the race queen, and, were two people everyone of this rider really cheers for good work!
Result is I have ended in disappointing results,
TEAMJP DOGFIGHT RACING AUSTRALIA team coach, no Kimura YasushiYoshi and Muroi’s BOSS is
Man you do not give up! So and I believe w, also revenge next year! The and we expect!
I am a second time of 8 resistance, let me served as a meal indication auditors messenger role, I was busy,
Is filled with a sense of accomplishment!
But was last year also said, TEAMJP a really good team, a big big love!
Good memories this year, we have a good experience!

I had an awesome week during the Suzuka 8hours endurance race.
I was so grateful that I was able to be a part of the team called
68 teams were in the race and our team made into the 10th position in qualify.
However unfortunately we did not finish the race completed.
BUT! We will revenge for the next year and hopefully we can get better result xx
 biggest thank to all the people who helped,
supported and involved in TEAMJP and I love this team so much !!

Although the trouble and accident had, we were able to end up without any successful large accident.
This is also solely thanks to everyone for your help.
“TEAM JP DOGFIGHTRACING AUSTRALIA” ··· to all of everyone who worked on.
Thank you very much.

Your report on Corey Turner Mr.

Your report on Corey Turner Mr.
This fiscal year in Australia, and a meeting with Corey Mr. (principal) and father and TEAMJP A promise that the Japan of racing as a young development of our team
On both agreement (Turner house, TEAMJP) at AUD $ 20,000 (based on the Japan of the portrait rights) must be agreed upon a contract, now it to the All Japan Championship full
※ FIM World Endurance Championship (Suzuka 8) another

Lack of money surface, such as a war costs, received a cheer from everyone of TEAMJP
sponsors, was able to start from somehow opener.

Under such circumstances, it will be not allowed to suddenly the rest of the racing for the contract money unpaid, you will be in the Corey-kun to your report to everyone because we have decided to get back home to Australia.
Currently, with the application and decision in a competent court in Japan side, we have carried out the procedure to apply in Australia. We also think of complaint in Australia.

For more details, so we have left to the discretion of the General Counsel
Humbly, plus you enough for your understanding.

Korea war report for the first time of the Korean race of the two people
That this is the first time feel to participate in South Korea of the race …

People who were involved the Korean is also a sense of responsibility, a positive frame of mind to attempt a successful race
It has been transmitted really.
In addition, work was just meticulously a carefully Konasu staff.

The pit playing the carpet make a partition, each manufacturer is a booth
Part attractive to customers, scale is small, but so as not comparable and the Asian Championships and the All Japan Championships

However, the level of the race is low, as had heard from Kimura.

Also operated rider versa mechanic was also felt that much local championship of Japan.
I think the time schedule and qualifying time, and the like that we should learn from the Asian Championships and the All Japan Championships Year.
The reason for this is that, that is after all the same as the local
championship in qualifying time in 1day race for 20 minutes
I felt that or not is not able to race only in the degree of level.

Atmosphere of the race I thought not bad.
I felt like many more than the audience was also thought.
There may be more rises of as long as enhancement of Pittowalk and event booth.

For riding House of rider …

This time, it was felt let me charge of the Hoo players, to this advice and requests
So give me a comment obediently listened practice listening, to will be still faster
I think that was also there can be fun race challenging.
By the various places you have a feeling you want faster Hoo rider other than the players be the same
It was seen.
But, the level of the rider is low.
If it is possible to firmly teach riding, and growth all can run faster still It has the filtrate.
This is, I think it can be said to the other team riders.

I finished the race …

I wrote before, but feels like a Japanese local championship,
Pretense was felt to be a flimsy physician race of contents only.
It is still low at all levels I thought I feel so.
However, this time to observe that of the other teams and around in a race of their own for the first time in Korea
Margin is what I felt absolutely no frank.

In the team structure of Riding House, all “people,” “thing” was not enough.
“People” is, to not resident mechanic, also preparation and setup Lim kun is doing alone
I felt like.
“Thing” is, the tool also to missing, also ready parts for as possible ran the race above all
And was a situation not.
For example,
To the wheel that is by incorporating a rain tire does not have a disc rotor.
Stock of consumable parts (brake pads, clutch disk gasket, etc.) is not.
A small number of tire you have to prepare for the free practice times and time.
In free practice and qualifying is not ready for spare parts that assumes a fall.
For the vehicle other than the YZF-R1 of Hoo player, did not even spare wheel. Do not be prepared without a budget, whether that it was not prepared in ignorance is unknown, but if it comes to this thing, is a Japanese regional championship the following levels.
With respect to the “people”, “thing” is, I think that cases that should not have to as soon as possible improvement.

For this project the team JP …

In order to level up the Korean race has felt the project needed.
Ryder also not appear to mind is action that I want you to also teach the mechanics, it
I felt very fresh and rewarding.

As demand for to early realization of the project of teamJP, the opinion of the tightly each other
You must have staff conveyed us interpreter.
Among the exchanges with South Korea of ??mechanics, how you can teach show But, why I could not tell good description of how to do so.
At the same, even in terms of the interaction with the rider in free practice and qualifying session
I feel that it is necessary.

Customers can also choose to participate in the project of the team JP, Ya difficulty to teach things to people
Interaction with people of other countries, in that you have available the opportunity to learn a lot and their own skills
I thank from the bottom of my heart.

technical service FARM Eguchi

First overseas race
Results was the point etc. retired, such as the atmosphere of the team is better than I thought,
We get used immediately.
Both Eguchi-san I South Korea was the first meeting, but now really study got variously taught from day one.
The results of the race, because although it was a shame in the retired could really good experience to go to South Korea, the Kimura president gave me a chance we are very grateful!
Also gained from now many experience, as Nowak to say to everyone that it has grown in one year this year
I will do my best!


HSR Kyushu Dream Sunday race season opener [Katayama Chisato] won the championship!
February 21, HSR Kyushu done the HSR Kyushu Dream Sunday race was Katayama Chisato capital is stunning victory in race season opener! TEAMJP is one member of the development of young players Blodgett great expectations for her future success!
The identity of the report, will be published in conjunction with the photo!  

The weather of the day was sunny, but the day before the rain and the remaining road surface was wet.
Tire there practice run for 10 minutes from 9:00 was traveling in the rain tire.
This race practice run is very important because there is no qualifying is only 5 minutes.
However, this day has been carried out course renovation on top of the wet conditions,
New road surface or because there was a little fear in his, now that the challenge in qualifying without being able to run quite well.

Qualifying is 5 minutes.

Regained a sense of wet condition little by little, we were able to somehow take the pole.
Gradually road conditions also change the finals in qualifying that will be half wet or dry, wavered very should use either of the very delicate state rain tires or dry tires because it was.

The rival players around, but everyone had to select the dry tires, the road was rain tires the front from his idea would be to half wet to wet patch remains, the rear to the choice of dry tires.

And it is final.

Course tire choice was out in full dry and emergency courses in.

From the time that the front has passed the order or fourth lap was a rain tire, unusual start out moves to the front, but I have become very hard race, we were able to finish in Fortunately, first place .

Although in this race it became a lot of challenges remain race, became the race to become a very study for me.

I challenge this year based on the time of the race I thought that it was an attack of the way of qualifying.

From the next race I want to do my best to be able to travel to think properly.

Corey Turner Japan war!
TEAMJP of Corey Turner of young development project
Japan war is now article!

Please see the image The article details.

Not tied more and more eyes on the future of the success!

Asian Championships final round visit
I went to Thailand (Bangkok-Buriram region).

YAMAHA 250㏄ class
Kawasaki 600㏄ class

TEAMJP relationship deep athletes and
TEAMJP that supports its athletes
At the same team owner.
Depth exchanges
Friends gather
Quite It was the final round of a climax Championship.

The new discovery at the circuit venue Kawasaki booth

And in Japan not to bike shop


It was a fun time.


TEAMJP · Macau & Hong Kong stay record

This time, meet at the Macau GP from Japan & Canada & Australia three countries.
The race-related, it was three countries set, including a different meaning.

As TEAMJP, we will introduce the pattern of Macau GP.
Essentially, it is the motor sports (two-wheel), but
Anywhere Macau, the race-related have been television broadcasting,
On the course (city) part as invisible, there is a fence and curtain,
It is in course design considering the audience of safety in the first.
Actually run rider will be point of view, such as approaching the wall to the left and right, but
The overall circuit road I feel great and really to see from me.

This time, the war a friend of Dan Kruger.
Anyway, “Time”, “rank” without worrying about it
After you told that you as possible ran safely, I was watching the monitor of accommodation.

Recall at the time of around 2007, which has been the plan that I have to compete, it is a complex sense hindsight.
Promotion of the race itself, revenue decent Shang feel
The current Japanese rider, participating future (war) would be severe
And “street-based Isle of Man TT”, is the feeling that comes to see the sense of the “road race” is just “Hero”.
Race to riders the ferocious impression such as bullfighter, I felt.

Last but friends of Dan Kruger, he told me to finish safely without injury.

JP Kimura

Korea expedition Photo Gallery!
The JP Kimura led TEAMJP · Korea expedition Photo Gallery I was allowed to offer!

Please see from here Facebook gallery .

Beyond the Korean expedition

This time, Thank you very happy over your voice to teamJP Kimura representative as Japan representative.
Is the first overseas race, it was very fun. Other Japanese representative did only player to represent the All Japan,
I was able to learn the efforts and riding against the All Japan rider of the race up close without tension.
The time and received advice, such as preparation of straight speed and corners in person from Kimura representative was able to significantly update.
Not only as a team owner, you also have a precise opinion as a rider, it was found greatness again Kimura representative.
In qualifying I ran firmly in mind the one shot of the time, but I have lost to Okamura player second place.
Experience with anti-said was difficult scene in overseas also was able to feel directly.
In the finals I Okamura players had me saying “I Come with” before the start, but,
And we have to high-side fall in the tire in a state of cold without warmed the tires in the right 90 ° corner rising from warming wrap.
I was told after qualifying as “I take one-two in the Japanese,” “I have to study a little by carried out on firm Okamura player”
Myself rather than not came to South Korea to take the second place, I came to Korea in order to win.
I will crush the current Kimura representative to the received was a chance at their own mistakes result was, and could not be,
I was able to notice their weakness and ends up falling due that have not been restrained his ambition.
Next time by eliminating such a mistake, we want to continue to devote so as to be shown their grown appearance.

This time taemJP Kimura who have supported all of the Korean expedition race representative
Dock Fight Muroi like
RS-ITOH Ito-like
Team staff officials of everyone
Thank you for once again giving such an opportunity.

Shibata Rikuki

The race to the AC race of the day in South Korea, which was held in South Korea!

This time teamJP like to me a valuable opportunity, we were allowed to compete in the AC race in Japan and Korea, which was held in South Korea.
It usually is in charge of the race management and the play-by-play, but this time it participated as a rider. It was overseas race to be his first.
Initially, when it was our invitation to Kimura representative of teamJP was candid think is that “is too unrealistic wasteful talk”.
And whether I’ve thought very good jumped to not I like this opportunity in international rider, Kimura representative has decided to compete with the word “be a good experience that will lead to future”.
All for me overseas itself becomes the childhood experience since it was fresh it is exciting.
The modifier for the race first and then borrow the RC250 to be a racing vehicle to KTM JAPAN like.
Get a passport at the same time. Apply for and vehicle transport to South Korea, all local arrangements relations team JP recommendation has kindly undertaken.
Preparing to race thanks to the teamJP like support but went without a hitch, at the same rapidly increases realistic at the same time,
Tension I clearly remember that went increasing.
Merged with the Japan national team at the airport finally become a departure date. Rider, mechanic both in the amazing members,
Be have their own in such member was a proud feeling, even while humbled.
What better me I warmly welcome also a great person and I was really happy.
Merges with the rest of the members arrived at the local. Movement of a long time of the bus.
Preparing to open the container that arrived at the circuit from next day, practice. Practice and vehicle inspection on Saturday. Sunday qualifying and finals, and withdrawal work.
Both the city and much laughter hot race stories discussions food at all every night, went time flows as Somato.
elite who gathered around the teamJP is highly very conscious, even I myself I was able to face the race in strongly influenced by the great motivation.
Although as a result of the race it was not a convincing, as one of the riders, also as a play-by-play’s race, and
I was able to make the irreplaceable experience too big.
Experience gained through this expedition, the human relationship is what can not be put in hand with the same hope myself even if the original.
Such treasure the team JP like gave me.
Those obtained here will have to realize that no doubt that it is in the wake of leap for my future.

Everyone had it this time join us is not, and Kudasari by giving such opportunity,
TeamJP Kimura like and who have support all, thank you very much.

Teppei Wada

Next fiscal year JSB machine shakedown of TEAM JP!

Next year’s TEAM JP
JSB will machine shake down.
Now, completion

We will run the circuit now.
Coloring is yet to come.

The planning by two system in 2016

JP Kimura, to Kanazawa visit
“JP Kimura, to Kanazawa visit”
This time, Mr. JP Kimura to see Taka-saku’s same Yokohama Rotary Club, towards the Taka-saku’s winery in the depths Noto-Wajima.
If it says Noto, Wajima and is a stage of the recent popularity of asadora “rare”.
This year’s Hokuriku Shinkansen also opened from the spring, Kanazawa was crowded weekend.

This time it is determined that the useful rather than towards the car is also time loss than the train because it was also serves as visit
I rented a car and headed to Wajima over from Kanazawa city about two hours.
Blessed Fortunately the weather, it’s perfect for the coast line is very beautiful drive.
Middle, utensil rock (Hatagoiwa), Totoro rock, white rice thousand Hirata (s Shiroyo I rinsed rice), etc.
Scenic spot that extends facing the Sea of ​​Japan has enjoyed.


If you are going to watch the Japan Sea arrival to winery is a blink of an eye this destination.
Because it arrived ahead of schedule, Taka-saku’s wife was Mashi carefully guidance Kudasari through the brewery. Temperature management of the building of the brewery has been thorough, machine squeezing the large tanks and grapes
In the general public had been used in France three major brewery dynasty would not be available
It has been brought in from home France to wooden wine barrel
Just in jp Kimura that I feel very a commitment to each one was also woven surprised the first time in its work. Currently, the project to build a restaurant in the back of the brewery has progressed
Completed by the that enjoy your meal and wine while watching the beautiful scenery is very fun.

Merges with Taka-saku’s while you are traveling, it was Mashi guidance Kudasari the vineyards.

Although it is so also brewery, there is a vineyard where the Sea of ​​Japan is very good with views overlooking Climatic conditions also so are suitable for very cultivation, I was surprised also to its size.
While it is nationally famous Wajima and morning market say Wajima, it is forced to turnover in the stagnation of recent sales
Its leaders even less in the aging and depopulation
Devastation of farmland, has become a challenge to create new employment, in such a situation
To Taka-saku’s hot I think that has been committed to a is of Wajima birthplace
The jp not only Mr. Kimura, even I myself was impressed

Location also tourists this day of asadora “rare” There were a lot. Shalt fear Dora effect morning
It was used several places in the opening scene in Taka-saku’s vineyards.

“Introduction of tourist spots”

In Kanazawa me jp Kimura Mr. busy was the first time, it will be some to introduce so kindly took in the vicinity of the search.

“Soto temple”
Soto Daihonzansojiji its Academy boasts a history of 700 years. It has been conceded the wine this time here the temple.

“Higashi Chaya Street”
Certainly had been similar to the Kyoto skyline (Hanamikoji), I wonder if the car Bung better here can be slowly not pass.

One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. In the vast Japanese garden, fine pine that has been pruned, there was impressive.
It is where you want to and also carried out because it is likely to look to a different wind in four seasons.
“Kanazawa Castle”
It is a pity it is that there is no order to the main enclosure was accidentally burned down but worth seeing just very vast and gate and outer moat
Is it was there. It will be a good exercise because the gradient also When you tour in conjunction with the Kenrokuen Garden.

“Nagamachi samurai residences”
Samurai mansion has been chosen eaves, was also drifting samurai walking likely atmosphere now.

“Finally, we will introduce is not the shops jp Kimura liked.”

Sakeyoi Daigo There are 300 kinds at all times to name liquor from liquor types anyway rich and rare liquor, assortment domestic top level.
So is he also those of celebrity that is this incognito, Mr. jp Kimura also been fascinated by the taste of liquor recommended by the master advances sake.
Also, cooking is also delicious, “Nakere if we do not enter your generations delicious.” And had been working with confidence.
Master, chef also craftsmanship is strong, jp Kimura and story climax, jp Kimura both you two people had been surprised to hear that it is bike riders have come to the world championship of active duty crunchy.
Last colored paper by up to commemorate shooting came out also sign colored paper had been me decorate your shop. Cuisine, as well as assortment, it was the shop that really seem to want to come also you come to Kanazawa.

And to accompany this time jp Kimura Mr. Kanazawa visit, also we are grateful able to let me learn a lot of things. I’m really thankyou.
Although I was next year’s plan to secretly hear, I am becoming quite amazing thing. The goal is even higher! Official announcement we look forward to.

Practice round 1 for Suzuka 8hr
3rd, 4th June SUZUKA 8hrs Practice 1

Hi this is JP Kimura
I have attended the test for the 8hrs at suzuka on 3rd and 4th of June

Dan Kruger has arrived from Canada
The 2 day of testing went well without any trouble.

Also we have picked up the bikes for the 4hr from RS ITOU team, which James and Patrick will be riding on.

Hurry up Patrick and James
We are waiting for you guys at Suzuka!

Thank you for all the support!
For the entry to SUZUKA 8HR ENDURANCE 2015
We have received lot of support from around the world.

(※Please click for their home pages)


☆JAPAN Company

☆JPkimura Local Restraints

☆Friends in Australia


2nd Round of Pan Delta
Race Results
6/14(SAT)Race1 class1:5th
6/15(SUN)Race2 class1:2nd

Mr. Tamura from Take Up entered to Pan Delta!

As he has done few practice rounds he had got the course layout in his mind, he managed to get constant 40sec, others at 38sec at the qualify.

Mr. Tamura managed to get 2nd position on Sunday!

We will be waiting for him at the next round!
Thank you for all the support!

DFR TAKUYA FUJITA 1st position!
As the April opening round was cancelled, the opening round is re started this month.

Supervisor Muroi from DFR, Rider Takuya, Data analysis Mr Tanaka, Adviser JP Mr Kimura has entered Korea.

In Korea RIDINGHOUSEMr Cho is ready!

From the first day the test went well, on the actual race day it was happened to be rain condition, but Takuya was able to ride as normal and he managed to get first position!.

Congratulation Takuya Fujita!

As it is concept of TEAMJP to train and help young ones this Korean expedition was good trip.
。 And Mr Cho entered T-MAX race and he was managed to get 3rd position!

As the corroboration of RIDINGHOUSE&DOGFIGHT&TEAMJP has only began but its seem like it was a good start.

。 We will be supporting RIDINGHOUSE with Mr. Cho and YAMAHA KOREA.

MR.Muroi’s Blog

2014 TEAMJP ‘s collaboration with Korea starts!
As for TeamJP’S aim we just want to help the Korean motorcycle event bigger and more popular, so Mr. Kimura and Captain Mr. Muroi made few trips to get know Korea and become good friend and good partners with RIDING HOUSE.

This is year it is planned to start the opening round in April, from DFR we are sending Fujita Takauya, and also we will be helping to level up Mr. Kim.

But due to the sad accident with the Boat, the event has been carried away.

Even thoe the race was cancelled Mr.kimura, Captain Muroi, DFR Takuya and Mr. Tanaka from Keng Yang also from our sponsor Mr. Ikeda entered Korea to worm up the relationship with the team.

DFR Muro’s blog

Pan Delta Racing Festival 2014
Opening round of Pan Delta occurred last weekend.
Unfortunately for the opening round TEAMJP didn’t have any Japanese rider entry. But we had JP Kimura and DFR Muroi supporting the team.

。 As we had the local camera man Mr Kashiwagi with they had the exciting day with massive cloud.

The weather for the weekend was very good and as Pan Delta is getting bigger and bigger, from this year they have started Live feed of the event on TV

As same as every year Pan Delta is going to happen March, June and September so if any of Japanese riders out there and wanting to enter Pan Delta please contact TEAMJP, there is always an spot entry available.

The results are; From class 1 Ceaser has won both race 1 and 2 as always the dead heat between Dan Kruger who came 2nd, as it looked like his bike wasn’t in a good condition.

He will be back on June and September with all the problems fixed

From out pit「TEAMJP・DFR・SSMOTO」we had 6 bikes entry and our number 91 from class 2 managed to get 2nd position !

For the June event it’s going to be hot summer race and TEAMJP will do our best to find some Japanese rider’s to enter the event!

Report from Pan Delta By (DFR Muroi)
Zhuhai, China Pan Delta Super Bike is now starting
From TEAM JP Mr Kimura and Mr Muroi has arrived at the circuit and Pit is all ready and set.

Unfortunately there are no Japanese entry from our pit on this starting round But anyone interested in entering this awesome event please contact TEAM JP


As the weather got better since yesterday, today’s weather condition is GOOD

As Mr Lim just missed out on the top 3 and managed to become 4th position! for Mr Lim it was his second time in his life riding on a 1000cc bike and also first time on the R1, with these circumstances as he still managed the 4th position, this just tells us that his next year’s race will be bright!

It looks like theirs is heaps of chance for the Korean Race to become BIG and popular, looking forward to the next year’s race events!


I went for a interview to an Korean Road Race Championship at Windy

Partner「RIDING HOUSE」with full support、
From TEAMJP we were preparing JP Kimura as a rider and send off the bike into Korea.

7th November JP Kimura, DFR Muroi, DFR Tanaka and Mr. Tanaka entered first to run some practice.

8th November
As it is normal for the riders to have injuries, let’s hope Mr. Kimura to get better soon.

At the circuit they are preparing for the race, in Korea most of the people who rides the 1000cc class, 90 percent chooses BMW.
Where the market is big with BMW TEAMJP, DFR&RIDING HOUSE are trying to help rider Lim and see how fast he can come with the YAMAHA.