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Suzuka Sunday Road Race Round 5 report

There was Suzuka Sunday Road Race fifth round on September 18.

This time, even so seems to me to firmly maintenance machine, traveling was a pleasure.

Immediately, ran a special sports driving frame of the previous day, time nor perfect very best a machine with a good feel,
However, the next day the weather because it was rain forecast in the influence of the typhoon, was ready in preparation for the race the next day of rain.

On the day, but it was still rain in the morning, in the raining or stopped Dari in subtle road surface condition, since only one set of new rain tire was not ready, we challenge the qualifying rain tires used without way.
However, not felt the grip of the road surface only left corner there still only used tires, I have become to run not a little go of consent can not be extended, as I think the time.
Because that became a qualifying time remaining slightly, finally it will slip down from the rear tires when the bank angle was increased slightly in the left corner of the opposite bank before I try to place the attack, and how to end that fall before the finals were sisters.
However, since the overall time was not so much up, the final became the sixth grid start Fortunately.

  Since the final was a 16 o’clock start, in the strange weather of raining on and off, the record line began to dry little by little. In our around the PIT, there is also a team to change to dry tires, but was worried quite a tire selection until just before, we chose the rain tires.

We arrived to the grid and the course in, but I thought it was the correct answer in the selection of the rain tire.
And is a start.
Clutch meat is the start went well I was good, while you are without being out quite in front of the front of the vehicle, unplug the preceding vehicle in TOP4 cars and although I have quite distant second lap, chasing hard, 5 can catch up in per-th revolution, use the slip stream in the home straight to the next week, we were able to go on at once overtaking top TOP4 units.

Then but top fight until the last lap was followed, in the opposite final lap used a slip allowed beginning at the first corner, and then not reach but was planted dive in in with S-shaped, later it will overtake in the final corner , but was opened early on the accelerator at the rising emphasis on changing the line, it will swell to the outside too open early, became as it is received the
checkered flag second place.
This time, but victory was missed, so was able to bring back the first time the trophy of Suzuka Circuit, a result it is very nice to look you have me come with little by little! (≧? ≦)
Next I will do my best with the aim of above and more!
Also from the reflection point and found was his weakness this time, then training, such as tie will do our best to be able to!

TEAMJP like that was also asked to support this time, everyone we have a lot of support, also Thank you really sponsor of everybody that who have support!

We are looking forward to hearing from you (≧? ≦)