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2016 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Autumn Race

2016 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Autumn Race.

Also it came to Panderuta the final round to be held in China this year.

Although last year was the support of Carl Mr. (Australia)

Came for Mr. Dan (Canada) this year.

Dunn of Canadian rider injured arm, can not participate in the Panderuta

But there was a consultation in JP Kimura.

Early JP Kimura of the set-up from there.

Lot of players flourish in Zhuhai circuit, and above all ran not ashamed on behalf of Mr. Dan

A rider that can be searched in the brain.

Therefore, the singled out was standing

“The man across the bike darts in one hand.”

So, Masahiro Shinjo players.

And even the presence of the handsome rider Okamura Hikarinori players such as the little brother of the Shinjo players.

In addition, this time mechanic and support, the Suzuka 8 of the T-car from Japan

RS-ITOH Mr. Ito, who have backed up transport to China.

And also participated Mr. familiar DOG FIGHT RASING Muroi every time.

I am always grateful for your help.

In addition, from who have the support of this financially Tokyo gasket Industry Co., Ltd. Mr.

Also in Yoshino director who rushed to cheer.

Finally, as an interpreter of the Dunn, Rainy Blue Yasuto also China entering from Australia.

Under the large number of powerful backup, emergency.

Shinjo players are local cored from the race Week Tuesday spans Dan’s machine

Ito, continue to adjust the machine in the mechanic and the small part of Muroi Mr. Messrs and Dan.

In addition, the span is Okamura players Suzuka 8 of the T car of RS-ITOH.

Here also fine-tune the machine to suit the circuit and Okamura players.

And practice sessions.

The Zhuhai International Circuit that JP Kimura has issued a 38-second stand 1 minute.

Goal-setting time is 35 seconds stand that JP Kimura was imposed on two people.

Shinjo, 38 seconds stand of JP Kimura if two or three laps to Okamura both players both, accustomed to the course

35 seconds stand in the race say that had enclosed the high and immediately leave.

But middle. 35 seconds stand both players rush not out 38 seconds stand let alone.

Resulting in 38 seconds stand is clear and was but podium of Toraku line does not reach the 35 seconds table.

It was the result of leaving the anxiety.

Night of the race the day before 9/16 (gold), to the stability of the Osaka shop (Japanese food shop).

Flowers bloom on the bike lecture.

After a few hours and returned to the hotel in early in preparation for the race the next day.

Hmm? ? Back it was? ?

Wait, I was asked to let the beautiful voice (^^ ♪

9/17 (Sat) race -① day.

Scorching sun is going to raise the temperature of the circuit from the morning.

Race Queen who is also entered in one after another preparation.

Humidity is also high hot air steamy, it feels like your sex appeal stuffy.

Each to emergency race Chile post.

Okamura from the previous day’s qualifying time in the fourth grid players, Shinjo players enter immediately diagonally behind the fifth grid.

Just when you think go laps number off the decent start to the two players both,

The second lap the middle, white smoke rises from the bike of Shinjo players.

After that it will be running third lap the middle, when the 3 minutes 49 seconds from the start, had a fall.

Fortunately it did not become a big injury has become a subtle appearance of tomorrow’s battle.

On the other hand, Okamura players emerged to third place from fourth place at the start dash, as it is the third place until the final LAP

I had to keep overtaken in Shizao of China champion who was much perfect and follow directly to the end of the last

And finished in fourth place. (4th overall class 3 podium in)

It is truly the podium in the imposing of class third in PANDELTA of its debut (^ O ^) /

Well, we continue to dismantle the machine towards the cause investigation raised also return white smoke bike Shinjo players had crashed.

Apparently, it seems a result of some kind of oil leaks, is not able to immediately determine where if oil leaks,

Talking on the fact that for the time being the oil of Shinjo player of the body flows out is together (?)

Relieved in that it did not lead to any rate important.

It reached the 9/18 (gold) of the final race -② day.

This day is also wrinkle between the eyebrows of both players in Zhuhai unique solid take such heat from the morning.

Start By now, the Shinjo players from 40 on the grid of 45 cars raced this day from the previous day’s fall.

In addition, Okamura players raced from the previous day with the same 4 position on the grid.

It is snort and vowed to catch-up of the two players together the day before the race.

Shinjo players the finish of the top 10 from 40 on the grid,

Okamura players stood on the start line with the goal of finishing in second place overall.

Shinjo players flies bought with tremendous momentum from the last side as soon as you start.

Excl. 22 units by entering the first corner, is it then gradually increase the pace also trouble in the machine also this day.

Brake lever is loose, he had been repaired while running.

6th overall of 34 cars unplug show the catching up of the angry waves also overtaken by several cars in the meantime, class 4-position and

Staff for a run that was catching up to the point where one step away from the podium, was amazed.

On the other hand, Okamura players continue the stable running entered in due course to fourth place the first corner.

Although packed with Shizao up to 3 seconds which was overtaken last the day before also update the best and 1 minute 36 seconds 408 time

Since the mix of the 600cc, not fully capture the Shizao disturbed the pace in the mountains of the lap.

A result, 4th overall, took the checkered flag in the class third place, was on the podium for the second consecutive day.

Shinjo players showed the running of one person after from the previous day of fall up to the podium at the catching up of the threat.

Okamura player who captivated the audience with challenging run from fourth place overall of the day before in anticipation of the second place overall.

Both players both, still rank if from the person who has been raised, have been a race still time remaining of shrink and chagrin

There, however, recording and storage of two Japanese riders left in this PANDELTA, and

Friendly smile would have become a thing can not be forgotten for the Chinese race fans.

This is the spot participation of only the final round, the first time in China for both players, the first time the circuit

This success in bike unfamiliar ride goes also led to the fact that the full participation of the next year of PANDELTA.

In addition, taking advantage of the driving experience in this PANDELTA, it never ceased to expect a future of further success of both players.

Finally, many of the staff who was entrained to now race, also including the owner of Dan team, the staff

I would like to express gratitude to everyone.

Thank you very much (^ o ^) /