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MFJ All Japan Road Racing Championship in Suzuka Suzuka Sunday Road Race Sixth Battle

November 5, 2016 I participated in MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship in Suzuka Suzuka Sunday Road Race the 6th round.

This time, because it is a joint race with all Japan, the CBR 250R Dream Cup class had 46 entries. It was a race that fell in qualifying!
This time I fell down with a rear-end collision from another car in the race that was held last Sunday.
Although the machine wrecked and it was distorted to the frame, I was worried whether I could participate in this race
A lot of people cooperated and I was able to go back to Suzuka except the frame except for the frame!
I entered the circuit from Friday morning and I ran only one at 8 o’clock! 
I confirmed the post-fall confirmation with this one book, but I was going to set up but I was curious about the distortion of the frame and it ended without going quite well. 
  After that, Yokoi Engineering cured the distortion of the frame and was able to greet the final in almost restoring state! 
On Saturday we had a schedule from 9:10 in the morning and qualifying from 15:30 on the final. 
Preliminary contest, I regret that things can not be gotten dumplings all the time 
It started after other riders came in. 
I was on time grabbing the machine while he was doing the work and managed to finish grid six.  
After that, based on the feeling in qualifying, we reset the setting and prepared for the final.  
  Thanks to the finals I was able to get around from the siding lap with a nice feeling!  

However, from the rider who fell down at the second corner just after the start
Because the rear end collided with the rear tire and the acceleration slowed down
I dropped a lot of rankings.
Families who prepared for various things from falling the other day until today
I remember the face of the people who took care of me yesterday and today
I took up with all my strength
When I got to the top of the group, I was separated from the top 3 cars and I got the goal in 5th place.
I did not expect that losing in the race that should have won so much is frustrating.

Due to the difficulty of winning out of 44 cars and my own faults
Although I often reflect on
There were also many things I could learn.
Thanks to the support of Mr. Makihara of MKD, Mr. Iio of MTRT, including father, mother
I really appreciate that the machine has returned and I got a race.

Thank you very much!

  Next is November 27th this is the last race of the season!

We have demonstrated all the results so far and have been supported so far
Dear TEAMJP, everyone who supports you
To all the many people who supported us
I’d like to repay you.
I would like to retain the best results!
Thank you for your support next time!