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2016 Taste of Tsukuba KAGURADUKI STEAGE Report of participation results

2016 Taste of Tsukuba KAGURADUKI STEAGE Report of participation results

First of all, this race is Japan’s best event race in which the bike of the 1980s is performed mainly.

It is a race that dates back to the time that it can not participate in the latest type of vehicle
Vehicles who decorated the spectacularly past are seriously running and fighting now, it is a hot race.
The highest class in this race is Hercules, the least regulated restriction is the least
Monster machines wearing past looks with 200 horsepower over engines fought
And its manipulators are also many professional riders who are entering the All Japan Championship etc.
The popularity of this race is tremendous, and it has been taken up in the media as well.

And there was a special feeling to participate in this race.

As you probably know many people, May 27, 2013
Yoshinari Matsushita who was participating in the match
It started from 18:45 PM (local time)
Crash in practice (cum qualifying), we have passed away.
This race, Taste of Tsukuba
Matsushita is AUTO BOY J’s
It was a race that I participated in the ZRX 1200 R, Matsushita was a favorite race.
Yes, the ZRX 1200R I got on this time was a motorcycle that Matsushita took and was participating in the battle.
Matsushita is a close friend and a family like Auto Boy,
Of course, I also have a father who is the representative of the Autoboy, since I was little I was cute for Matsushita player By the time I started aiming at a racer, I got advice
Together at the circuit called TwinLink Motegi, in a 7 hour endurance race
Participating in the team [auto boy], it was featured on TV program MOBI on Japan TV, and there was also aired.

And the other one, Mr. Konosuji who is the creator of this ZRX 1200 R.
Mr. Konosu studied from my early twenties for nearly ten years under my father and became independent
He launched Auto Boy J’s, and in the next 10 years or so he is the core engineer of Autoboy.
I entered the auto boy from the age of 18, I was a bit Yancha I was not the parent
I started to work for the Shin-Matsudo store in Chiba prefecture where Konosu is now the store manager (now, I will serve)
Like a younger brother, I made a cheeky me, sometimes became a parent and raised me.

Matsushita, Mr. Konozashi who was like an older brother for me.
It was a wishful desire at the ZRX 1200 R that the two had created
Taste of Tsukuba

That intention is continued
We have been in this race since 2013.

And in 2014 I was able to achieve my victory.

Matsushita-san will fight with specs as it is on board

Mr. Kono’s pride that ZRX 1200 is a twin shock

Compared to other cars that participate in Hercules, obviously won in low fighting power!

The team got excited about it and it was taken up by many media and became an impressive race.

But. . .

It was raining this year. . . In the case of

The rivals did not admit it.

Since it is raining, I happened to win

Because there was trouble of others

This time it’s a fluke

I was able to win so that’s fine.

Winning wins

Even if it is sunny, I can win

I want to prove it.

Mr. Matsushita will laugh at me if I do not prove it.

“Show me with the results”
I feel like Mr. Matsushita is told.

I felt so, I was not alone.

The feelings of all AUTOBOY have already been decided, and the participation in 2015

The result is again the final in rain.

Moreover, falls over retaliation involved in the fall of others.

If this goes on
It will not end.

And this year in 2016.

However, even this time as usual during the war
It was dangerous.

Because the all-Japan championships and schedule were bad, we went to all Japan mechanically with ZRX’s creator, Konosu-san
I decided not to be able to come to the taste final race, and from the restoration of the machine I wrecked in the last race for honest participation
After thinking about running cost, all the costs involved in the race
It was a situation where it was not amusing to give up.

And participation war is realized.

In support of this race participation, there were support and cooperation by many people indeed.

Hello DUNLOP, Wako’s, TeamJP
Cooperation of many sponsors
Mr. Matsushita and all the people who support AUTOBOY, my mind of my best friend who put me a feeling switch on it was the reality.

However, it was late to have decided to be able to participate in the test, and there are only two tests until the final.
In the first test, although I have some troubles, I can see my goal little by little, change my selfish setting request, that one! Change this! Mr. Konosu made a form in Tenayawanya, such as what consulted with G-TRIBE Toda-san
Mr. Konozashi who will head for all Japan in this run for the second test run last
While I could only change specifications until this day, the desperate feelings of everyone became the form and cleared the target time.
Win it dry and win! AUTOBOY The thought of all the crews was a moment when it was realistic! It is!

And on the actual day,


Mr. Wako’s, TeamJP like this time also put in efforts to set up
Thanks for your cooperation, we were able to create a wonderful team space! It is!
Waiting for qualifying after completing various preparations, why is soowow so far from the day before? Excited?

I can only imagine myself winning, I feel tense or motivation is too expensive. . .
It was serious to control myself.
Calm down like a lie if straddling the machine
Crew who prepared the perfect machine Everyone’s feelings
The feelings of the people who cheerfully came in with Sue and I was concentrating really good.
Since it is a narrow Tsukuba, I went out first, I thought that laps 1 and 2 were a game, and we had a meeting with the team in advance
Thanks to everyone’s preparation, I succeeded with a clear lap as planned
Measure the time as desired, 58.4 seconds (fastest time in twin shock history)!
Originally I put it in the 57 second range, wanted to show overwhelming speed, but it was not so sweet.

For the time being, the remaining time pits in to make fine adjustments for the final.

Fine adjustment around the front which I was concerned for the finals and re-entering the course.

Confirmation and qualifying ends.

When looking at the electric bulletin board, it’s own bib number “71”

I intended to take it, but I was relieved that I could actually take it, I became happy.


Align to grid

Pole position I think I will suppress myself that seems to be floating and think only about the race

Awesome spectators, AUTOBOY cheering team are encouraged a lot.

In a word

Warming up lap

Check the feel of the clutch, the course situation
Back to the grid

Red flags leave

A good concentration

Signal lit

Lights off

He was too calm, lags behind, third fastest. . .

Yamane: I forgave Mr. Matsuda ahead, but if I have an advantage, I feel calm and I run cool
Black flag to Mr. Yamane running over the top like that! It is!
Mr. Yamane left the front line as soon as I wanted to win.

Matsuda goes out in front of Mr. Matsuda in the first corner of the second lap
From there I kept the pace so that I did not make a mistake and I was wondering where I was going to set up
Matsuda who was suffering from machine trouble from the test did not rise in pace,
 Last rap rushes while remaining in 1st place



To review the race life so far

Last corner

Winning in a dry condition twin shock

Everyone’s wishes come true

A checkered flag gets in my eyes

Team crews making a big deal under that
Finally I can make everyone happy

I get the checkered flag at the beginning

At that moment the various feelings that had been held at once overheartedly disappeared

Was good

It was true

I’m happy but honestly as a relief

Guts pose is better than winning pleasure

Everyone Thank you ー ー ー ー! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is!
It was feeling.

I do not want to lose just after all

It may just be that I just wanted to win.

Twin shock can not win

That does not matter
With this I will win

But it does not run though all the teams have the same thoughts
It’s a great force when comrades gather

It’s a terrible job to put out the results in the race
I realized that strong thoughts are superior to anything.

this time too,
I won the event race so what?
Even if it is told
Even if various all-Japan riders participate, it is not easy to win, in this race, the riders who ran together also are seniors with a high level,

In a vehicle that is thought not to win,

I was able to win the results by various pressures,
I thought from the bottom of my heart that it was truly a fellow ‘s thoughts and the gifts of those who support it.

Small world, big world

There are various things,

I can not pass wherever I go if I can not do my best on the spot

Become a world-class rider! It is!
I was able to recognize my own goal when I started racing.

I am strong towards myself, I will continue to aim only at the top.

First place in qualifying (fastest time in twin shock history)

First place in the final (Furste Strap)

The power that all of the AUTOBOY crew could have left such a result at the end of this season
Many sponsors who support AUTOBOY and Masahiro Shinjo, the gift of all who support you! It is! It is! It is! It is!

I’m really thankful to you! It is!

Please continue to AUTOBOY, Shinjo Masahiro
Humbly! It is!

Thank you m (__) m