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2017/03 PanDelta Racing Festival Spring : TEAM-JP with RS-ITO/Dan Kruger Racing

201703 PanDelta Racing Festival Spring

TEAM-JP with RS-ITO / Dan Kruger Racing

Rider: Kazuki Watanabe

As for me this time, Masahiro Shinjo is a member of TeamJP’s team, Kazuki Watanabe’s support, team
I was able to help you (^ ^)

A race where Watanabe is supposed to participate this time, the so-called Panderuta is a country located in Zhuhai, China
It is the biggest and most popular event race in China held at the circuit!

Participating riders gathered from all over the world, and the levels rise yearly, and this year Watanabe is running
Open A class (the highest peak class of this race running with 1000 cc super bike)
World super bicycle players and Australian championship riders and strong man all together
It was!

Movement Date March 16

Watanabe is already with the team owner president Kimura and RS-ITOH president Ito etc.
I entered the country, I met with Osuga mechanic and Ozawa Mechanic at Narita airport
And I went to China (^ ^)!

The Osuga Mechanic has different spelling of the passport name and spelling of the ticket and a change fee
I was able to enter China smoothly except for the trouble of being taken (^ ^ ;;

Then we arrived at the hotel where everyone would stay, joined Watanabe and the president and go to rice as it is!
While having a meeting on the next day I got delicious rice (^ ^)
President Kimura Thank you always m (_ _) m

March 17 practice, qualifying

Hong Kong Kawasaki who will be indebted for this time is Mother Dan Kruger Racing,
Last year I also ran a team that I ran, and it was a great time for me to meet again for a long time
Check the machine right away!

Mr. Ito focuses on the setting and maintenance of the machine, Mr. Muroi, Osuga Saga
It is a perfection system consisting of Mr. Ozawa and a specialist!
Nearly almost stock cars this time (^ ^ ;;
No matter how much Watanabe is going to be, it will be a tough fight.
Tomorrow, for the finals of the day after tomorrow, today there are two practice runs, and there is a qualifying last.

Because I had a little time, I went to the preview of the course with Watanabe, and my best advice!

The first one, I also ran on the previous day, so the course seems to have been able to capture much more
However, the difference between the machines with the top riders is still obvious (^ ^ ;;

The second one,
Review problems and undercarriages of the ECU and start running with greatly changing the setting.
I went in a good direction and shortened the time, and it finally became an atmosphere that I could fight with the top!
However, it is still insufficient in battle power to win the top.
There are no parts in stock vehicles.

what will you do! It is! It is! Is it?

There is not enough neta to worry so do as much as possible and qualify (^ ^ ;;

In the full of super bikes, I gained the 6th grit of a great fight with stock vehicles!
Everyone is a famous rider and I feel that it is no longer an event race in China (^ ^ ;;
The Chinese champion was the 7th grid behind Watanabe.

March 18 race race 1

I made a Chinese exhaust muffler attached from the beginning which went up to the problem point in qualifying
Exchange to a genuine exhaust pipe
Adjusting the map of the ECU accordingly, the improvement of undercarriage, grid alignment

There is also the biggest event in China, the amazing people to the spectators’ seats and the grid! It is!
Of course, many media are coming!

Watanabe has a nervous looking face

Not (^ ^ ;;
I’m used to it already (^ ^)!
Service to customers with a smile ♪

And other than riders are removed and warming up lap.

Come back to the grid

Red signal lighting

start! It is!

I successfully advance the machine with less power and pass through the first corner while keeping the position Go through each corner while forming the top group

After lap two
Again the battle on a tough machine, gradually being released
To the back China champion I was stuck with a tail-to-nose and seemed to be strict,
I managed to keep my position,
It became a checker in 6th place.

Watanabe was not a convincing result of course, but please give as much results as possible
The team praised Watanabe who came back with a warm feeling.

Such a moment can be a good race (^ ^)!
March 19 race 2

From the morning heavy rain

Can you race this? Although it is rain, it is truly China!
It is going to progress without any care, and if it is too dangerous from teams and riders, clay
Mu (^ ^ ;;;
Well, if you thought so, for the time being, for the sake of the customer, lined up in the grid for the time being Say that

Alright grid alignment as to whether or not!

Chinese is busy and busy. . .

that? Three minutes ago the board went out and the start is in progress! It is!

Huh? Do it! Is it?
Japan team warmth ヽ (¯ д¯ 😉 = 3 = 3 = 3

One minute ago! Other cars started the engine! It is!

What? It is! It is! It is! Is it?

At that moment DELAY board (^ ^ ;;


Perhaps you have not told the customers, the Chinese team, too. . .
You directed it just as though you had canceled it now. . .

I was scared (^ ^ ;;

Race 2 was canceled like this, so our PanDelta Racing Festival Spring
The participation war has ended.

I participated in the team because I was a support role, but this time too many
I learned things.
Watanabe’s approach,
President Kimura, President Ito and Mr. Muroi are not going to be involved in management other than racing and living on a daily basis I will study important things and things not only as riders.

I am really looking forward to the next round of participation (^ ^) ♪

Everyone who took care of me,
Thank you very much m (_ _) m