8Hour Endurance The poster is completed!

FIM Endurance World Championship
8Hour Endurance The poster is completed!

【2017 / Suzuka 8 tougher game determination! 】 TEAM JP · DFR & RS-ITOH’s powerful tag team

Suzuka 8 resistance against 2017
It is a powerful tag team of TEAM JP · DFR & RS-ITOH
I will challenge the race with the best riders!
Mark Atchison, who became the pillar of the team last year
Masahiro Shinjo, familiar on the homepage
And that Watanabe Kazuki will run with our team.
I will aim at the top with this member!
Keep an eye on this year’s Suzuka 8 resistance from TEAMJP · DFR & RS-ITOH!
We sincerely thank you for your support! It is! It is!


To Kumamoto earthquake victims of everyone
2016 to everyone that has been affected by the (2016) Kumamoto earthquake, you heartily.

The restoration of the earliest possible disaster areas moment, I pray from the bottom of my heart.

TEAM JP representative Kimura YasushiYoshi

JAPAN FRIENDS DAY2016 great success !!

great success !!

Event JAPANESE FESTIVAL JAPAN & FRIENDSDAY2016 that was done in Australia Surfers Paradise has ended in great success.
I have attended a lot of everyone, while got help to AU team JP members, we were able to safely exit.
Children and a lot of people told me very happy to experience the racing machine.
(AU Police also participate.)
Both Brisbane Consul General of Japan Hosaka like can be various talk, it sent a meaningful date.

Ayumu Goromaru players had participated.
Only specially TEAMJP members, we were able to get a commemorative photo.
Goromaru players, truly first-class athlete! Atmosphere There is also felt the aura.

Toward the children from this out to the world from Japan, it was the festival was re-recognized the importance of going to the support and advice.

teamJP Kimura