China, Zhuhai PANDELTA of the race!
September 17 (Thursday) AM4: 30.
Still dim dawn before, it is set to JP Kimura House in that pouring rain, emergency to Haneda Airport.
Travel along with the DFR Muroi said this time as a representative of TEAMJP.
It is because toward the PANDELTA of race that takes place in China and Zhuhai.
I travel for this time different purpose does not mean that JP Kimura also said that toward the race is traveling.
I think I try to touching about it later.

Well, arriving airplane to depart Haneda safely Hong Kong International Airport on time.
Already there and just have visited more than 10 times more to the Kowloon train ride from Hong Kong International Airport
Transfer from there to China and Zhuhai by ferry also a really smooth.
China still follow the intense heat even in September.
Sweat of large grain comes drips also foot the stomach and back.
16:00, after arrival in GDH is Joyado, dinner at the stability of the Osaka shop.
JP Kimura’s really calm because it is not a visit to China this time as a racer.
When The soft little difference atmosphere it is coming as a racer.
It’s really a good thing.
The bed returned to our dinner was meeting for the next day the room.

September 18 (Fri.) AM6: 30
It was subjected to check out of GDH, Zhuhai International Circuit to (or less ZIC) by taxi.
It is a scene that is familiar only to 20 times or more through road.
Signal, as compared to when you first fought in March 2011
Impression that Orvis of dissemination and horn is I wonder if decreased slightly.
We arrived to ZIC in about 40 minutes.
To BG garage located in the ZIC.
Here is one of our purposes, is the main battlefield to back up Karl Mr. (Australia).
Kahle’s rider to participate in the race to stay in China about a week according to the PANDELTA to be held three times a year.
And changing grip the control stick that hold as a pilot to handle everyday
And feeding the circuit that would exceed the sensible temperature 50 ℃ from worked cockpit of the air conditioning.
This time, JP Kimura us if the hotel came arrangements, and he Aussie rider that all of the meal was me to arrange. 7:30 too, joy to meet again by Karl appeared smile, shake hands.
Then, the machine set-up, go to the machine of adjustment while hearing and Muroi said the condition of the machine of the morning running.
Where you make full use of broken English and body language and would forcibly passed a conversation is allowed to study it is a terrible technique of JP Kimura.

Since the time until the next run is free to the S & S Garage (part TEAMJP).
It’s the second one of the purpose of visit to China.
Demuki to meeting with Ahai who is the successor of the S & S of Alan’s after the death, shaking hands with a smile even here.
The future direction of S & S, meetings, etc. of the race, is fulfilling time flowing.
Kimura JP and improvement of the morning was taken by the onboard camera back to the afternoon to become Karl’s original traveling, is Muroi Mr.
Past, JP Kimura sense and brake point when ran, how to enter the corner, I teach finely such as point of gear change.
Carl, who is listened to it a serious look.
Race I do not think hardly the hobby in a very professional pilot.
It completely racer Carl forget that it is at least a pilot when the race.
By the way, it is a digression and suggesting that grew up in close to bike there environment from a young age in the way was also biker father of Mr. Carl.
Always he had watched the war situation of Mr. son curled near the machine and rushed from Australia to this race.
And today the second run.
Machine also gradually finished in as envision the curl.
Exiting the garage that figure is comes through enthusiasm unlike the cheerful Karl’s usually.
After that JP Kimura, you can practice in the run up to Carl’s where I heard the story of Muroi Mr. I will be the key to flying.
Go smoothly laps number, but does not enter the 30-second stand as a target.
JP Kimura and Muroi Mr. I found one of the major problems while looking at the lap times.
I’m not using the rear brake.
It is a very important point for the race you might want to use well the rear brake compete for one second comma. That’s it.
Mr. traveling after convey to Mr. Carl also came long been ZIC this run curl it to use the rear brake suddenly in tomorrow’s final
Difficult thing is clear even when viewed from anyone’s eyes. No way can only gradually get used to using the rear brake.
Gesture that was other noticed gesture, go tell while watching the on-board camera. The next day of the final I’m looking forward to.

Then after the circuit performs the maintenance of the machine in preparation for the next day Muroi Mr. becomes the center, to dinner.
Beer garden of such place of Carl Mr. Wife, Mr. father and this of both pilot fellow participating in the race scene
It’s the dawn of bike lecture at 10 staff in total sprinkled with like.
Conversation in preparation for the next day of the race is bouncy.
There But it’s of course English.
I myself will continue to connect the words that can be seen while not know, the way there, even in the English school
If you are listening to native English much even fall into, such as being in foil English-speaking illusion in China.
About three hours the bike lecture finished to the hotel’s.
Still it is guided by the beautiful hotel that would just open the bedtime early for the next day. Good Night !!

September 19 (Sat) AM6: 30
Take the breakfast at the hotel, to the ZIC by taxi.
AM8: Muroi said in preparation for qualifying from the 30 is going to set up.
YAMAHA R1 is going to jump out from the final confirmation to garage the portion to be a habit and the point of running of Karl, who was obtained in the previous day of travel data.
Result, 1: 40.853 lap time a respectable result and ninth in qualifying 46 cars left to the afternoon finals in. Because there is a margin in the final 14:00 to time, owners and talks of BG went to the office of BG.
The future of Japan, vision from this with the Chinese team, as each other can leap, talks to the motor sport development has been made.
Meeting with this BG owner also was very quality time because was one of the purpose of this visit to China. Even so JP Kimura, do not waste time. Information collection go to the various garages and offices if drilled time even a little.
Of course, it’s body language.

Finally become time of the finals (1 heat eyes) it becomes 14:00.
No. 9 start from the grid.
JP Kimura, Carl, who listen to Muroi’s advice.
Occasionally but show a smile at the start photography in front of the grid, it also becomes the face of the steep racer.
Also glimpses pressure that can not be bad run in front of Messrs.
10 laps, began about 15 minutes of the race.
Although not go so far as such acceleration of the airplane to Gungun accelerate off to a good start.
8-position, is intense battle of come and go 9-position followed.
Result, finished in eighth place. It was impetus to 2 heat eyes tomorrow’s race up one rank.
Meanwhile, have qualifying first place, the player who graced the Pole To Win of commanding lead at the 1-position final.
Its name is Mark (Australia).
It’s World Superbike Rider participating in the race from the same BG garage.
In qualifying 1: spectacular run that pulled the stunned officials knocked the course record of 33.725.
But the person is feeling commonplace than is rider of WSBK.
Meanwhile JP Kimura, Muroi said also curious of your appearance.
First tour of the bike.
The Pashari the place to be worried about one round Gulli around the machine. In addition, Pashari. Furthermore Pashari.
And talk to Mark, I am and actually mark the house talking about various it was found that it is the immediate vicinity of the JPA of the company.
Immediately JP Kimura of your son, English is connect the phone to the tight Perape-La, Mark asked to mark a conversation Australia
And he promised to meet with tight Once back in broke up.
Is there think unexpected also depend encounter also do would not have a necessity rather than a chance that the bike was tied.

Then, adjustment and maintenance of the machine is performed by Muroi Mr. toward the two heat-th day after the final.
The decomposed exchange of parts that consumed while cleaning the machine, maintenance.
Go finish the best machine for Carl’s while watching the degree of wear, etc. of worn parts and tires.
The figure is just an orthopedic surgeon referred to in the human, but plastic surgeon itself.
This person I felt that’s a professional that Japan is proud of.

Then, the after the circuit is to shop on this day also Spanish cuisine Carl Mr. me to arrange.
Spanish cuisine in China.
Tied not.
Shareotsu restaurant.
It apparently As I also came to master English in this short period of time.
Tonight was a fun dinner also participated owners and mark such as BG addition to the members of the previous day will also be 20 staff in total.
Then, comfortably sleeping back to everyone and goodbye to ladders, etc. JAZZ BAR from the hotel.

September 20 (Sun) AM10: 00
Hotel check-out to the circuit.
The last day, it’s two heat-th final.
Start performing a meeting with the Chinese side of the secretary of the Korea-Japan-middle race that takes place in South Korea in October using the time that vacant less than 3 hours at 13:20.
Kusunoki’s Taiwanese television station that was me to create a video introduction of TEAMJP (Japan) on the Chinese side racer both of asked to interpretation
Flight number that comes the story is in South Korea, was also carried out of the race set-up in South Korea in October was confirmation of the time, and the like.
This is the last, this at the destination almost complete in the fourth visit to China purpose.
After that it is the best of the visit to China as long run to go with Carl Mr. satisfaction in the final race.

JP Kimura to Muroi, the former to continue the setup of the machine at BG garage back when a person with familiar. Team-mate with the aim of both finish at this year’s Suzuka 8, it’s Mr. Dan (Canada).
To cause a concussion and a fall in the practice of Suzuka, friends that were not able to run both the production by a doctor stop wearing there.
Although not running what this PANDELTA under the influence of the injured Dan standing on the podium every time. Kimura JP face-to-face since Suzuka, Muroi Mr hug, shake hands, hug, it’s like a reunion in the handshake.
I wonder if the figure of Mr. Dan is really in next year’s Suzuka.
The past two races, fracture, does not remain only chagrin If you from Dan, who not running the production in the concussion Suzuka 8.
I just do said third time honest there is a sign of an explosion in Suzuka next year.
We expect large.

Now, with Mr. Dan approaching a farewell quickly start 13:20.
Today we will start from the eighth grid because it was 8th in 1 heat eyes the day before.
Once again, Mr. sending strategy, advice.
Kahle has also become a usual expression of before the race.
While Messrs stare, but does not come elongation time even laps went well in the first corner.
A result, lower the ranking in 9th best lap of 1: 41.906 from the previous day of the time it has become the result to lower more than 1 second.
However, until now of JP Kimura, how to use the brake from Muroi said, approach speed to the corner
If you feel that there is a fast become elements even a little in the advice of the timing and the like of the tenth of a second to open the accelerator
And ask for boldly try to greedily improvement of time, is also the curl Mr.
Finally I say once again, but it is active pilot.
Final 2 heat eyes, in 44 units of 9.
Around him, it’s very respectable results say that he himself not convinced.
Once convinced gone where the growth is because it stops.
It’s really wonderful pilot.

This visit to China is doing the JP Kimura supporting player who is in the center as a racer usually, while Allegiance instructions Muroi Mr.
Was of support Mr. Karl, issues a face to other teams of garage and offices as a representative of TEAMJP if drilled time
Racer in appearance to carry out the meeting, representatives, all cattle all the supporting role
That objection is not in it was very fulfilling dark four days of content in order to achieve the further growth as TEAMJP.
In the future, such as next year’s PANDELTA and Suzuka 8, Carl, Mr. Dan, even while keep in touch with Mr. Mark DFR Muroi because it is willing to promote a steady walking one step at a time scramble your hands together with Mr.
Now more than ever in the coming TEAMJP of your expectations! !

It was long rude.

2015 TEAM JP Suzuka 8 digest!

2015 TEAMJP Suzuka 8 public resistance to digest videos!
Suzuka tears equipped impression there of the drama
Please enjoy digest!

World Endurance Championship SUZUKA 8 HOURS Press Release
TEAMJP「Press Release of entry to SUZUKA 8 HOURS」

☆DATE:28/06/2015 (SUNDAY)


☆TIME:PM 13:00、14:00 (2 sessions)

☆Participant:Rider Yasuyoshi Kimura、DFR Mr Muroi、Race Queens

☆The contents:Talk show、Photo session with Riders and Race Queens、Demonstration of 8hr entry bikes

Introducing JP network a team of disaster and reconstruction
TEAM JP are now planning to put up a team for disaster and reconstruction to support JAPAN

Please introduce people around Japan who could be a leader for the TEAM

Planning to help and evolve the areas of Japan.

Please keep an eye out for this team of disaster and reconstruction

Planner: Yasuyoshi Kimura

JP Kimura is Warming up for the Suzuka 8hr 2015
Few days ago he had come back from Australia
After arriving at the Kansai Airport, met up with Mr Tamura from Take Up.
And went straight to Okayama Circuit

He went on the bike first time in a year, the track day was organized by Mr Tamura.

On the day DFR Mr Muroi came to support as well, this practice was nice warm up for the 8hrs.

The real SUZUKA practice round starts from day after tomorrow

He didn’t want to disappoint his team mates at the Suzuka
on the practice day, so even it was his first time to ride
Okayama Circuit he went out to ride.

As Mr Kimura had been very busy for the last few weeks, now he can switch on the race mode.

Now his excited for the test from day after tomorrow .